B'day Presents

Thursday, November 6, 2008
My besties gave me an early birthday presents (yup! more than 1) before I went on leave. And I have to say, I LOVEEEEEEEE her presents. It's a tote bag!!! How I LOVVEEE bagssss!!!!

One day we were window shopping in Yayasan when I spotted this gold/green tote bag from Divina. She asked me why I like tote (big/oversize) bag while most ladies like smaller bags? So I told her that I'm not like most ladies...haha! That's got her frustrated. But truthfully, I like a big bag where you can stuffed eveything in...haha! And as I said to her, "boleh bawa piknik" haha!

Then, just before I went on leave, she said that I can open the presie early except for 1 small present. She gave me 3 presents!!! I opened the big box and AAHHHHH!!! It's the bag that I second-like most!!! Haha! The bag that I saw in Divina, the bag that I like the most costs around $200+ so she said that she bought me the second that I like best....awwww....m so touched! I mean, I didn't expect her to buy me a bag coz she knows how many bags I own already (oooppppsss!!!)!!!! And eventhough this gold/green tote not as expensive as the white one, the one they put on display (ehem! ehem! - just incase someone out there wanna buy it for me..haha....wishful thinking!) but still, this tote is expensive. I would think twice to buy it especially after raya, where I'm kindda broke! hahaha!
Her 2nd present is a picture frame with a picture of us from the recent raya....My mum already placed it in our living room (for everyone to see) hehe!

Her 3rd present, it's the bestest birthday greeting anyone gave me so far. It comes in a CD-ROM and once I opened it, it shows our journey together as friends, right from the day I met/knew her till the present time. Pictures said thousands and thousands of words...Honestly, I cried during this part...

An ex-boyfriend of mine gave me the coolest gadget ever! I'm in heaven! Hehehe! He gave me the b.mobile zoom broadband and as I said before, I'm in heaven! It's an expensive present an ex-boyfriend can give and I told him but if he still insist to buy it for me, well, what the heck?! Accept sja tia...haha!

Thank you all for you presents, birthday wishes and all the belanja-belanja thingy!!! Love my family and the all of my friends.

It's not the age that counts
It's the thoughts!!

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