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Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Pejam celik pejam celik, it's almost to our netball tournament. Time does fly so fast! We are having our tournament this Friday - the whole day! Yup! From the game schedule, we are in Group B and we will be playing 6 games within the period of 7 hours - from 7.30am till 3.00pm and the games after that would be the quarterfinal, semifinal and the final. Don't know whether we can reach above finals but well, we are considered okay lah..hehe!

Me? I still book myself as a reserve. Another good reason to reserve myself is that I just recovered from me knee injuries. 2 weeks ago, we were having the netball practise and I was partnered up with a tomboy as a Center and wooissseee...ganasnya main. By the end of the game, I got 2 holes on my pants and abrassion on my knees. At first, it doesn't hurt. I just self treating myself and a week after, last week, I noticed that it's getting worst and swollen by the sides. I registered myself and saw the doctor. The kind nurse did a dressing for my knee and she said that my wound is clean, hence I can do the dressing myself. So, equipped with the cotton, gauze, chlorohexidine solution, bactigras (super duper expensive dressing), I'm a happy bunny with a pain in the knees...hehe!

Did I continued playing that afternoon? YUP! Haha! This game is addicting. Once you play, you can't stop! We had our practise almost everyday - well, everyday for the rest of my colleagues but ALMOST everyday for me coz lately I had been super hyper buzy! We had our netball practises either with our own Ministry colleagues, sometimes with the MOF ladies, TelBru ladies and last Monday, we played with 'Minah' ladies.They are GOOD! Last week, I was in Telisai on Tuesday, Wednesday I had my KKC meeting and Thursday, I had to skip practise coz my youngest niece, Adriana was warded due to high fever. She was warded till last Saturday. She was not in a very good mood, smiling pun nda mau. But yesterday, she is super duper happy...nda dapat di agah sikit..hehe!

This afternoon we had our final practise before the tournament this Friday. We played with the Ministry Admin side and man, it was one hilirious game. We were competing with them also this Friday and I think it's gonna be a fun game - we always joked around! We were laughing so badly that we can't catch the ball properly...hehe!

Dad's coming home next Friday, just in time for Tanglong! hehehe! Can't wait to receive all my goodies. I got lots and lots of goodies.

Work, it's okay. Kindda tired lately with the games, KKC and zikir practices. I don't have time to do anything else and I hadn't been able to catch the latest movies yet! Latest movie that I watched had to be the Get Ready. I got so many movie to catch up with - Journey to the Center of the Earth, Hancock and the upcoming one, The Mummy 3!

I going on diet nowdays. Well, not actually dieting but I eat less nowdays. I had me breakfast - it's a MUST! but I skipped my lunch and just have dinner. I can stay not eating lunch but dinner, I have to eat. Not much but as long my tummy is filled. Most of my colleagues were surprised on why I want to go on diet. 2 of my colleagues said, "We wonder which part you want to lose?" Haha! Told them, it's my tummy!

I know I'm getting fat when:
1. I can't get into some of my favourite bajus...especially my baju kebaya and fashion when the kain was too tight for me to wear.
2. My tailors have to re-measure me for my baju raya. Yup! I increase my weight that lot!
3. I feel heavy and not fit!

So, the aim is to lose weight and get back to my original weight. At least I'm healthy, comfortable and happy that way. I'm doing my exercise regularly and InsyaAllah I will get my targeted weight by the end of the year....yea!!

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