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Tuesday, June 3, 2008
As I did my posting this morning, I went to the airport to send my dad. I was so in a rush that I got a bump (benjol) on my forehead, just because of rushing...

Okay, story goes, while I was on the net, my dad called. He wanted me to bring his black boots coz he changed his mind; instead of wearing a brand new $100+ shoe, he decided to wear his old favourite boots. So, I said, "Okay, I will bring it there (as in the airport!). After I logged off, I had my shower and in the middle of having my shower, my dad called...again! I rushed out of my bathroom and when I about to pick my hp, he hangup. I called him back and he said, "Can you bring the shoe here (his office)?". "What? Now?!". It's 9.05am!!! So I said I will be there around 9.20am coz he's leaving for the airport at 9.30am using BG (government's car). I finished my quick shower, dressed and started the diesel car (which take ages to warm up!) and headed out of the gate. I closed the gate and when I about to enter the car, that's when I got the bump! And you damn right, it hurts like #eLL!!!

I arrived at my dad's office 2 minutes late. My mum came out (she's working at the same office) with 2 of her officemates and together we went to the airport. Once we arrived there, dad was so buzy talking and dealing with the authorities - the police, the RBA staffs and HIS staffs..so I just sat there, read a paper and drank my Vitasoy...haha! If anyone of you who happened to be in the airport this morning and saw a lady with that description, yup! that's me..hehe!

In the middle of that, my dad approached me and asked me to pay his DST bill. With money in my hand, I went down and qued up for the DST and geeezzz! I was the 5th in line and the lady infront of the counter took freaking 10 - 15 minutes to settle her bills. Then a guy came and qued up behind me. I was getting impatient but didn't say anything but this guy, he just qued up for like 5 minutes and already he was nagging....and he is still young. I think he is about mid-to-late 20's.

The guy (standing behing me): Batah jua!

(I didn't comment on anything)

The lady finished paying her bills and a guy with a backpack came forward and God! He took another 10 minutes! Dunno what's the problem!

The guy: My God! Apa yang membuatnya batah ani kan?

(I still didn't say anything and the guy getting restless). When finally the guy with the backpack done, the guy behind me said, "Alhamdulillah, FINALLY!" haha...and I almost couldn't contain my smile....he is really getting very very impatient...hehe!

All in all, I stood and qued up for like 20 - 30 minutes - with my 3-inch heels, no less!! I need to soak my aching feets.....

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