Last Weekend

Saturday, December 13, 2008
Last weekend, the family was having a mini family day by having a slide pool bouncer. It was superfun and here are some of the snapshots. I joined in playing (mana kira!) and I ended up having sunburn. Imagine playing that thing from 9am till 6pm and I changed clothes 3 times!!!

Faiz, Trisya, Atul and Muiz

My eldest bro..lagi nda sadar diri *kweng*kweng*kweng*

Faiz - giant slider

Wadi - perasaan di Sunway Lagoon

Trisya, Atul and Muiz

Trisya and Muiz

Trisya and Muiz...again!

Gaya Trisya turun slide

Gaya Atul turun slide

Gaya Atul jua
P.s. Don't bother to look for my picture coz it ain't here...haha! Sensored sikit!

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