Me and the Bond.......James Bond ;)

Friday, November 21, 2008
Not a big fan of Bond movies but I do like to watch it, mainly because of the actions. I was planning to watch the earlier show at 10PM but because of TARA, which aired at 9PM, so I took the midnight show.

Daneil Craig, I still haven't make up my mind about him - whether he suits the Bond personality or not! But he dressed as nicely as the other Bonds. Hehe! And what I noticed about the latest 2 Bond movies is that Bond is driving a Ford car and having a Sony Ericsson cell. Both what I'm driving and having. Does that make me the Bond's girl? Haha! Come on! Everyone wants to become the next Bond's girl. Even I heard that Beyonce is already auditioning for the next film.

In the theatre, only 3 of us watching the movie along with a couple and by the time the movie ended, it was 2AM. And when we came out of the Qlap mall, only 4 cars on sight....fewwwhhh...dalam sejarah...haha! Came home around 2.15AM and went to sleep. Only woke up at 12noon....ish ish ish!!!!!

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