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Tuesday, June 3, 2008
It's an early Tuesday morning - bright and sooo shiny - the way I like it! And here I am logging into the net and God knows doing what...hehe! It's my 2nd day of my 4-day leave and so far, it had been an exhausting weekend and yesterday, fuuuhhhh...tired berabis!

I woke up early today coz Dad's going to KL this morning and I will send him later. He was giving me and Bro Faiz all the briefing of the house; incase of power failure, power trip bla bla bla!

Yesterday, I was thinking of 'servicing' my teeth. My 6 monthly appointment with the dentist is wayyyy overdue but I got to run errands for my dad, so I end up not doing it! Today, hmmm..liatla, m thinking of going to The Mall and liat-liat the fair going there. M thinking of buying an mp3 modulator for my car, my printer catridges and a pendrive and ooohhhh..m craving for Ideal chicken, so I'm heading there for lunch - or 2 o'clock sumthing lunch coz I have to pick up my bro from extra class at 2PM...hmmm...

Last Saturday night, me and my bros went to the Qlap Mall and watched the Prom Night. This movie reminds me of all the teen novels by RL Stien. Any of you remembers him? Well, I certainly do coz I love his novels when I was a teen...got tonnes of his novels..He is like Stephen King (rings any bell?) except that Stephen King writes adult novels and more scarier and suspens while RL Stein writes lighter stuffs...

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