"E-book Dilemma"

Thursday, November 5, 2009
I was surfing the net yesterday and I bumped across a fellow reader's site, Jennifer. She is an avid reader (judging from all the list of the books she had read and to be read). And as a reader, she was considering to buy an e-book, just like what I planned to do...hopefully by the end of this year.

But she made few good points of e-book - the pro and the con! And I have to say I quiet agree with her. For Jennifer's opinion, please click here. For a reader, I love to see all the books piling up. Kindda like a collection. The disadvantage - I have no space to keep the books and it's kindda wasting papers, right? (trying to go green here) I love to smell the musty smell of a recycle paper. With e-book, I can't smell any musty smell.

Yesterday, I was reading the e-version of one historical romance book via my laptop and gosh, it's so difficult to move around. With a hard copy, I can bring the book everywhere, even to the loo..haha! Well, I know I shouldn't compare laptop with a book coz e-book would be a lot more convenient compared to a laptop.

From her site, Jennifer more concerned about the format of an e-book. Well, as I said, m not that good with these stuffs but I know my bff does. She can convert something into something hence let's just say that m not worried about compatibility. Haha! Even if she doesn't know, she loved the challenge to do it. I always have faith in her ;)

For my personal opinion, I would definitly get the e-book, as soon as I can get hold of whoever selling it. I haven't find one in Brunei so m looking in the neighbouring countries *can't wait*. From yesterday's experience, I noticed that reading an e-book took me less time to read compared reading a hard copy. If m reading a book, it would take me at least 24 hours to finish one but with e-book, I managed to finish it within 13 hours (of course with toilet breaks and all). I don't know whether they edited the e-book versions to make it shorter but I hope not.

3 knock knock:

Didz-W said...

knock knock! d whiz is here! ahaha! eh m8, lau ebook china mau u? i'll try to find one overthere, mana tau lebih murah. lagipun i heard org bjual lappy lagi dijalanannya.hehe seriously! i try to find the best option 4u laa. nanti ku browse site so jennifer atu aa.hehe

iantie said...

m8, now m falling in love with Barnes & Noble ebook reader called Nook. Baru kana launched around 20th october and it's around US$265. U check the website.
if u can find it d china with harga yg berpatutan, balikan ku..haha! but make sure formatnya yg bisai2. jgn krg mbali2 sja, satu format pun nda mau masuk..atu rugi tu ehh..hehe

Didz-W said...

ok m8, i'll try to check it out later ok. lau i find 1 d china, mesti ler aku cekkan lu formatnya.hehe inda jua bisai lau udah balik terconvert bhasa cina smua ebooks mu m8. haha!