Sentuhan Kasih

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Title: Sentuhan Kasih

Author: Halina Kamarudin
No. of Pages: 537 pages
Publisher: iBook

The first book I read from iBook publishing and this would be the author's first novel.

Sentuhan Kasih has a very nice story line but somehow, I think the author and the editor don't know how to make the book more 'alive'. It's too much straight forward; one paragraph was talking about something and next thing you knew, the next paragraph was talking about another thing. There is no separation between events.

Butas I said, it has a nice story line and apart from the editorial mistakes and some editing here and there, I would be falling in love with this book. But, no worries, I managed to finish this book within a day - mainly because I got 3 more books to read and less time to read it. One of the disadvantages borrowing books from public library. Time is my worst enemy! Hehe!

Okay, back to the book - story of Syahirah and Razif. Their marriage was arranged by family and they only met for the firt time on their wedding day. Razif got a girlfriend at that time and he insisted in marrying her also no matter what until one day, he realized that he had been fooled. Came home in anger and out of concious, he said something to Syahirah that made her run away.

Syahirah met an ederly couple who took her in as their adopted daughter, moved to UK. Syahirah continued her studies there and gave birth to a pair of twins not long after that. Razif, brokenhearted and regreted of what he did, continued his studies also in the UK.

5 years after, Syahirah came back with her son and daughter, got a job, didn't realizing that the company was owned by his father-in-law. So, when Razif finished his studies and took over his dad's administration, he found his wife again.

Razif tried to gain Syahirah's trust and love again but he got confused when he met his wife with 2 children, thinking that his wife got re-married again. But that's not possible when he himself didn't divorced his wife. From that moment on, he tried to find the truth about their marriage.

M sorry if the way I tell it is so straight forward but that's the book for you. It's so straight forward. But as I said, with careful editing and checking, it would be a nice book.

1 down, 3 more to go....

2 knock knock:

Pooch Morning Glory said...

i love reading but i cant finish a book in a day. maybe 3 days if i do nothing else. plus, it helps if its exceptional. have a good day ~ laura

iantie said...

it's a habit of mine. Once I started to read, I can't stop. M a very impatient person hence I like to know the end as fast as I can.

Same applied when I eat. Once I start, I can't stop! Haha! It took a very great effort to stop from eating..