Thursday, November 5, 2009
*My head is throbbing*

For whole day yesterday and half of the day today, I had been sitting infront of the laptop. Yesterday, from noon till night, I was reading e-novel via my laptop and today, I was catching up with some pending paperworks (my leave about to be over soon!).

For the remaining of the day today, I was having lunch with my parents and 2 brothers, then in the afternoon, I had to go to the banks to settle some stuffs and gosh, the weather was so hot!! It had been like that for days now - too demmed hot during the day and by 6 - 6.30pm, it's raining heavily! Every night without a miss! After the banks, I went to the bookstores, looking for some reference books and eventhough my car air-conditioning was to the max, shades all over, I was still sweating inside! *hmmm..maybe my car is black hence more heat absorbed*

So now, it was still drizzling outside and m already planning to hit the bed early. I need to rest my head!

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Pooch Morning Glory said...

ahhhh i so wish it was that hot here!
it was half raining half snowing today, and way too chilly for me.
hope you had a good rest ~ laura

Didz-W said...

laa m8, kan abis cuti udah ani sakit tah u plang..ish ish ish...bah get plenty of rest. be back fresh to work on Monday k ;)

iantie said...

we only have 2 seasons here - hot and rainy season. by this time, it should be the rainy season, the monsoon and all but suprisingly, the day is hot and the night is okay (with the help of air conditioning, I can sleep well =))
make sure u bundle up to get warm ;)
take k!

awu, i guess from too much reading and staring into the lappy kali but m okay. It's just once off headache..i hope!
no worries, i will be back (hopefully fit) to work by monday!
c u mon m8! *muaahhhzzz*