Historical Romance Craze

Thursday, November 5, 2009
As I said, as I read a book, it's kindda hard for me to stop. And my latest craze have to be the historical romance novels. But with so many bookstores loitering around town, it's so demmed hard to find the novels that I want. So I ended up searching it online.

Managed to find 2 novels (e-book versions) online but somehow, m not quiet familiar with the format. M not a pc genius hence I seeked my bff's assistance. She is so demmed good at these stuffs. I think she knows that m sucks at these downloading thingy, so she offered to download almost all the e-book versions of the historical romance... bless her heart =) and she even converted it all to PDF formats. I haven't manage to get it from her yet so I just read the 2 e-book novels for the time being. Besides I have 4 new books from the library.

My bff had downloaded me so much e-book versions that I really must get an e-book to store all the files. So far, I got all the e-book from Lucy Maud Montogomery and Sophie Kinsella and I can't wait for the new collections =) Oh! and not to forget the e-book version of almost Miranda Lee's romance novels that I managed to get online.

3 knock knock:

Didz-W said...

Haha! Thanks m8! awu eh, i've got plenty of ebooks 4u dah + series + latest movies! ukan u saja m8, mr ch. and mr ch. di atas pun asked me help to pdfkan. hehehe hebat eh! c u monday m8! miss you!

iantie said...

hehe =D durg minta pdfkan apa m8? don't tell me they read novels too!! haha!
c u mon m8!
miss you the same

Didz-W said...

haha! no m8! more serious than just ebooks, some confidential stuff. can u believe that?! they had to see me delete those files that instant after ku pdfkan. hebat kan? see u mon m8! mwah!