Weekend? Full!

Sunday, November 22, 2009
I dread looking into my planner. It's kindda full! Okay, let me rephrase that - my weekends are kindda full!

Last Friday, I was working hence I did some errands that morning. Saturday morning, I went to the public library to return a book and borrow some. Saturday afternoon, I had to go to my brother's college to get his results. Considering that my dad had something he couldn't get away from, I accompanied my mum to parents-teacher meeting. Gosh, the weather was so hot! I barely couldn't stand it! As I promised my brothers, after the parents-teacher meeting, I brought them to the Mall. Just to waste some time, which I don't have the chance of doing for quiet some times. I was craving for ice-cream treat at Swensen's but it was fulled that afternoon so we agreed to go to Snow Ice!

My first time there. The place is cool! And the snow ice....nyum! I went for Rich Chocolate. It was nyummylicious! Hehe! I couldn't wait for the Secret Recipe to open here at the Mall. I heard from a very reliable source (considering I know a family member of the owner), it gonna be opened soon. It was supposed to be opened last October/November but there was some problem with the piping, hence it was postponed. On our way home, I stopped by at my brother's place to fetch 2 of my nieces. They wanted to sleepover at our place. That night, our initial place was to eat out but then my parents changed their mind. Considering with the fluctuating weather nowdays, better eat in. We went to the pasar malam to buy foods and we just had our dinner at home!

Today, my bff brought me out to the Agriculture and Agrifood Expo 09 here at the McFarm area in Tungku. She fetched me at 8am (yup! I had a very early Sunday!), we had our breakfast and then we went to the expo. By the time we arrived, it was not the hectic and crowded compared to when we came out. My bff, who went there last Friday with her other half, warned me to wear a comfortable shoes and donned a suitable clothing hence I put on my Adidas trainer - the one that I used for jogging and hiking! - and an umbrella.

There were tractors to transport visitors to view the farm but we decided to walk! Yup! Me and my bff walked the whole farm apart from one short ride on the tractor! The weather was hot (thank God for the umbrella!) but the wind was soothing! We spent 2 hours there and with sweat and all, we went to buy tickets to watch the 2012! Hahaha! I will post some pix once I get it from my bff.

We had time to kill before the movie so we went for lunch and shop some necessities for my bff for her upcoming trip to China. The movie was nice....well, the effects and all not the story. It was quiet depressing to know the world is coming to an end! If you get what I meant! After movie, we stopped by at the local bookstore. Considering that I had books to read, so I stopped myself from buying one..hehe!

Next weekend, it's gonna be another buzy weekend and I think it would go on till the new year! 2 weekends in December, I would be working and trust me, the other weekends, it would be filled up soon.

2 knock knock:

Pooch Morning Glory said...

ahhh. your life sounds like mine... so full !! and fun!!
i want to see 2012 mostly because i LOVE john cusack haha

iantie said...

yup, we should enjoy life to its fullest ;)
u should watch it. it would not be a disappointment