Simply Unforgettable

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Title: Simple Unforgettable

Mary Balogh
No. of Pages: 422 pages

Publisher: Bantam Dell

Simple Unforgettable is the author's first novel of the enthralling story of four remarkable women-friends and teachers at Miss Martin's School for girls.

Frances Allard, music teacher of the Miss Martin's School for Girls met Lucius Marshall, Viscount Sinclair in a ferocious snowstorm. From the moment they met, they didn't see eye-to-eye. But when they were forced to get stranded together in an almost deserted country inn, another kind of storm took over - passion! Hehe!

Frances, who was always sensible, being a teacher and all, abandoned all sensibilities when she and Lucius shared a night of glorious, unforgettable passion, knowing that they would never see each other again - Frances going to Bath while Lucius going to London. Lucius asked Frances to come with him to London but when Lucius didn't offer her marriage, Frances won't settle for being a man's mistress.

But fate brought them together again, 3 months after that. Lucius accompanied his grandfather to recuperate his ailing health in Bath and met again with Frances in a function. And before Lucius left Bath for London, where he was expected to socialize and take a bride before the season is over, he asked Frances to marry him. Frances rejected him, of course. It would make the story short. Hehe! Let's just say that Frances had a dark secret that she thought that she is unworthy of any men especially to future earl.

Fate once again played a part in their lives when Lucius learnt that Frances's great aunts were in London for the season and of good friends of his grandfather. Lucius took the liberty of persuading Frances' great aunts to summon Frances back to London.

Back in London, Lucius learnt a part of Frances's past when the people she wanted to avoid, came and most of the secrets were told to the eager gossip-mongers. Frances left for Bath soon after that and Lucius caught up with her, demanding an explaination why she won't marry him eventhough she admitted to love him as he did.

Well, eventually, they had a happy ending - as always. I enjoyed reading it and truth to be told, as I typed this entry, I had a patch on my neck coz for the last few hours, I had a very stiff neck!! No amount of massaging by both my brothers had any effects to lessen the stiffness. I don't know how I would get up and work tomorrow! Haha!

Anyway, that makes it 2 books down, another 2 to go before my next visit to the library! =)

Cheerz peeps and hope you all had a great weekend!

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