Something About Emmaline

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Title: Something About Emmaline
Author: Elizabeth Boyle
No. of Pages: 374 pages
Publisher: Avon Books

Aaahhh...another novel I managed to read and eventually finished in my remaining days of freedom! By next week, I would be back to work and as expected (as always), I would be burden with all the paperworks once m back to work. So m trying to enjoy my last few days of leave by doing absolutely nothing apart from eating, reading, sleeping, watching tv...well, you get my point.

And with doing nothing apart from above, I managed to read this book in less than 24 hours...haha! Speak of being free.

I have to say, this book is quiet entertaining. I guess that's one of the reasons for the quick finish and no, I didn't cheat reading this book. I never cheat!! Haha. And m proud to say that this is one of the books that I didn't flip the last page and read the happy ending first before reading the whole book. Bravo to me!! Yeay!

Baron Sedgwick, Alexander Denford was annoyed when his grandmother, Genevieve Denford kept on pushing him to get married and produce an heir - as expected from all the aristocracy. To stop his grandmother and ladies of the ton to matchmaking him with all the eligible young women, Sedgwick, with the help of his friend, Lord John Tremont 'invent' an invisible wife for Sedgwick, Emmaline. With reasons such as Emmaline was ill, sick and all kind of excuses made her, Emmaline unable to attend any social call and do.

Until one day, Lady Emmaline Denford, Lady Sedgwick came to his London house and made the necessary renovations. Shocked, Sedgwick rushed from his country home (where he spent most of his times) to London to get rid of the imposter. The presence of his cousin, Hubert, the second in line for the title ad his wife, prevented Sedgwick to throw out 'Emmaline' from the house, afraid that HIS own story would be known.

One thing led to another and before anyone knows it, Emmaline is the talk of the ton. Everyone wants to get to know Lady Sedgwick and Alex couldn't keep her hidden anymore. But he is not leaving until he finds out who is Emmaline. And as the title, Something about Emmaline, that's quiet tell it all coz there are some things about this mysterious Emmaline.

I just couldn't stop reading to know who is this Emmaline, how does she knows that there is no real Emmaline, who hired her, where does she comes from and so many other questions. The suspense were killing me but I have to say, this would be one of the most entertaining books I had ever read. And I know this sounds creepy, but I love Emmaline - the character that is. There is something about Emmaline that made you to fall in love with her...haha! Told you it sounds creepy! I salute the author for making the characters look real..

Read it and may you love it as I did!

My next read on my list would be the story of Alex's friend, Lord John where in this book, this flamboyant playboy was caught in a very compromising position with Hubert's brother-in-law's fiance. Can't wait for see how's that turn out...

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