Tiring Sunday

Sunday, November 29, 2009
3 events happened today - my youngest brother's 17th birthday; my mum's youngest brother, Uncle Ah Onn's engagement and my own brother, Brother Adi's unofficial proposal to his gf.

As we had a very tight scheadule, we had an early birthday celebration for my brother. By 10.30am, we were off to the bride-to-be's house at Lambak. Gosh! I didn't know how many relatives I have (from my mother's side) considering that I rarely (and almost never) meet any of them! FYI out there who doesn't know this yet, my mum is a chinese convert and eventhough all her siblings are scattered around the Brunei Muara district (apart from 1 cousin of mine in Canada and another in Australia), we only see each other (if we are very lucky) during the Chinese New Year or weddings but apart from that....it's quiet difficult.

Congratulations to my Uncle Ah Onn and her fiance (I forgot her name..lousy me!). After all the years my popo (that's grandma in chinese) nagged, at last he is finally there - getting married, I mean! ;)

All pictures posted here are from own Nikon camera. Considering that I was appointed the task as the camerawoman - unofficially - hence the pictures here are all taken by my brothers. I will try to post some pictures that I had taken, using my uncle's camera, once I managed to get hold of it.

Oh yea! I met an old old friend while I was there. The last time I met her had to be in our final year high school in '97! She is a colleague of my uncle's fiance! What a small world! Okay! Let me rephrase that - what a small Brunei!

We took off from the bride-to-be's place around 12.30pm, went to fetch my dad's mum and straight went to Limbang - that's where my brother's gf, Munirah lives. It is not an official proposal yet. Our purpose was to discuss what the lady's family required for the official bersuruh and bertunang and to decide the date. All in all, it went well, Alhamdulillah! Long que to and from Limbang! We were stuck 1 hour before and 1 hour after and by the time I came home, I didn't feel that well. M not so good sitting at the furthest back of a vehicle for a long period of time! I started to get car sick! For a long journey, I either become the driver or sit behind the driver, not 2 seats away from the driver!

It had been a tiring day! Dunno what next week would bring!

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Pooch Morning Glory said...

cute family....and many ! thank you for trying to explain your holiday. i think i understand a bit. so the brides family asks for a dowry? i want to understand that too.....haha

iantie said...

it's my pleasure laura ;)

yea, it's in our culture - muslim and chinese - to ask dowry from the groom. the amount? well, that depends on the bride's family. hehe..