Ku Berserah

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Title: Ku Berserah

Author: Ummi Ariza
No. of Pages: 455 pages
Publisher: Buku Prima

One of the two books that my bff bought for me. I managed to finish this book within 6.5 hours. I couldn't believe it myself but it's true. I started reading it from 8pm and finished it by 2.30am. Yea, I know m crazy. I think I started to believe it myself that I am really really crazy..whahaha! But being an avid reader, I couldn't stop once m hooked!

This book would be my first book from this author and it's really a page-turner. The storyline more or less the same as the malay novel that I recently read, Sentuhan Kasih.

Marriage between Safiyah and Fahrin Daneil was arranged by their families. Before their marriage, Fahrin and Safi conincidently always meet up with each other without knowing that they were engaged-to-be-married. Safiyah who was just finished studying was reluctant to get married with someone she didn't know but when she knew that Fahrin was the groom, she started to fell in love.

Fahrin, on the other hand, had 'a feeling' for Safi but he was tied by his promise to his model girlfriend, Amylia. Because of his love to Amylia, he made a marriage contract with Safi for a year.

Within a year, anything could happen and so it did. Safi's parents, brother and sister-in-law died in the Holy City of Mecca; Safi fell in love with Fahrin; Badrul, Fahrin's bestfriend fell in love with Safi; Amylia became a rape victim of her brother's enemy; Fahrin torn between his love for Safi and his promise for Amylia.

As I said, it's really a page-turner book. And I have to say, my bff bought me 'the right book'. Hehe! I enjoyed reading this book. This time, m not gonna spill all the juicy details for 2 main reasons: 1. m sooo sleepy! Haha! 2. I like to keep people on suspense..haha! Trust me, m a sucker for suspense! I don't like suspense...I guess that's because of my impatience nature ;)

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Pooch Morning Glory said...

that sounds like a good one.... and complicated!!
~ laura

iantie said...

trust me! it was! hehe