Saksi Cinta

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Title: Saksi Cinta
Author: Wana Amani
No. of Pages: 473 pages
Publisher: Alaf 21 Sdn Bhd

The other novel that my bff bought for me. In between work yesterday and reading up till late this morning (till 2am this time), I finally finished it.

First time I heard of this author and I think this would be her first novel. Gotta say, it's a nice novel although I was a bit lost at the beginning of the book. So many characters, so many 'hanging' scenes.

Story of Juliana; she believed that her dream on her birthday will lead her to her one true love. In her dream, she met a man named Iskandar. On the same day, she caused an accident to a guy named Iskandar. But Iskandar was not the same man in her dream apart from the same name.

What started to be a bad start for June-Iskandar relationship, they eventually became the best of friends. With Iskandar's caring and kindness, June mistook the acts of kindness for love. In the meantime, Iskandar fell in love with June's roommate, Maya.

Maya, on the other hand, got other problems on her own. An adopted daughter of a wealthy businessman whom disliked her, Maya only had her adopted brother, Adam for love and support. Promised to be married to Danny by her adopted father, Maya tried to escape from Danny.

Fate brought them all together. Adam paid for June's father financial problem with the mob; June was frustrated when Iskandar introduced Maya as his girlfriend; Iskandar got beaten up by Danny's gang which he ended up in the hospital.

With the pressure from his grandmother and aunt who loved June, Iskandar proposed to June eventhough his heart was with Maya. June, knowing that Iskandar would never love her, went to look for Maya and help her to be accepted by Iskandar's family.

Adam, Maya's brother who loved June was frustrated whe June didn't realize that she had a feelng for him. With Maya and Iskandar to get engaged, Adam proposed June. June who was confused couldn't give him the answer, saying that she didn't think she could love another man. Adam was furious saying that June was obessed with her dream and the name Iskandar.

The day before June left for Australia, she went to Adam's office to give her answer to Adam. From the moment she stepped into Adam's office, June was confused! She had been here before! In her dream! And she was shocked to know that Adam's name was Adam Iskandar. Adam, who was broken-hearted couldn't accept anything that June said to him, thinking that she changed her mind when she knew his real name. June left for Australia; Iskandar and Maya got engaged and Adam proposed to his childhood friend, Farah.

2 years later, June came back to a family house of her dream. The dream that only Adam knew. But her family kept on saying that it was Iskandar's doing. Now, June was more confused. And the same thing happened again. She thought Iskandar did all these because of his feelings for her when in truth, it was Adam Iskandar who did all those.

The ending? Hmmm....m gonna let the readers out there to read it themselves. Don't wanna spoil the fun...khehehe!

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