TAR 15: Another Chance for Gary & Matt

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Sometimes m glad to know that m not always right. Haha! I don't know if any of you out there know what I meant.

Watched The Amazing Race last night and in last task was to find the amazing race flag in a roll of hay - makes that hundreds of roll of hay! Gosh! It was the same task given to the teams in The Amazing Race Season 6 in which the last team did it for 10 hours (many say 8 hours!) Wow! Whichever team that made it for 8hours (or 10 hours), they must be so determined to finish the task no matter what the outcome might be.

If in the previous episodes, we kept on hearing Ericka shouting "BRIAN! BRIAN! BRIAN!", last night episode, I heard a lot of "SAM! SAM! SAM!" and I think if Sam had the strength to run over to his brother, he would defintly kill him - as he said!

Gary and Matt were having bad luck all the way from The Netherland to Sweden. They were left behind with couple Brian and Ericka in The Netherlands when they missed the first flight; somehow got lost to the demolation site but suprisingly they somehow managed to catch up with the couple again site. What a cool way to blast all those pent-up anger and frustration.

For the last task, eventhough the father and son knew that they were the last team to check in, they were not giving up hope yet! And after 3 hours into the task, they managed to check in and it's totally worth it!! It's a non-elimination leg of the race! They are still racing! It might be a tough race ahead but the chance is still there...

In Amazing Race, anything could happen ;)

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