TAR 15: 4 Teams Remaining

Monday, November 16, 2009
Last night episode saw the exit of father/son team - Gary and Matt. After last week's episode, they knew it's gonna be tough to be in the rest. From Sweden, the teams went to Estonia on a 16-hour cruise - so cool! Gary and Matt were left behind to perform the speed bump and lost so much valuable time when Matt couldn't understand the clue and couldn't find the candle. Things got bad when they overlooked the clue box at the Pixx Herman Tower Garden - nice tower, btw! I was wondering whether can go up to the towers.

As expected, Meghan and Cheynan came in the 1st place. Brothers' team, Sam and Dan came in second after a brief 'collision' with Flight Time and Big Easy. While Brian and Ericka came in fourth!

The race is getting intense. Somehow Sam/Dan couldn't get along with Flight Time/Big Easy. I know it's a race but then hmmm....too much tension, I guess. And from the sneak preview for next episode, it looks like Sam/Dan may just listed themselves as Brian and Ericka's no 1 enemy..

Just have to wait...

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Pooch Morning Glory said...

hey hey girl... i still have no cable tv but it sounds like fun
~ laura

Pooch Morning Glory said...

ps thx for the compliment!
~ Laura

iantie said...

hang in there. I will try my very best to update the amazing race but yea, it is super fun!