Yoga or Pilates?

Thursday, November 19, 2009
M still thinking which class to enroll?

I had been doing yoga myself at home, relying on the yoga dvd that I bought but somehow I think I failed miserably. How do I know? Coz I haven't feel any changes in controlling my breathing (or my anger) and it doesn't do anything to reduce the fats around my tummy. Haha! Come to think about it, I think the fats are what causing I couldn't do my yoga properly. And please don't ask on my flexibility! It sucks!!! So, my only way is to let the professional trainer help me.

Pilates - I constantly saw it on TV and eventhough the movements are a bit 'rough' compared to yoga, I couldn't help but feeling some excitment when other people doing it!

Both the yoga and the pilates classes didn't come cheap here in Brunei and unfortunately, only few centre held such classes hence my options are limited. I went for aerobics few years back but somehow, I got tired of it. Haha! Which is unusual for me. I always get tired of something - anything basically! Which makes me 'unfaithful' haha!

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