The Countdown Begins..

Sunday, December 23, 2007
A week to go and we will, InsyaAllah stepping into the new year 2008! I have been so busy + lazy lately that I haven't update my blog properly.

For the past week, it had been quiet hectic. The school holz almost over and last week, me and my parents had the oppurtunity to bring my brothers and nieces to Tutong and man, what a roadtrip it was! Why? My dad's driving and him, being a so-called expert driver, took us to the very remote area of Tutong and we ended up lost! YUP! Me and my family were somehow lost in the middle of Tutong. We were from Tasek Merimbun and somehow, my dad used the smaller road which lead to soooo many smaller roads and we ended up pusing sana pusing sini...Hahaha! We strictly followed the road miles and signboards but somehow along the road, the road miles and the signboards just not around *AHAKZ* What a day that was man but Alhamdulilah, we managed to get out into the main highway. Tired from our lost adventure, we stopped by the newly opened Hua Ho in Tutong and fueled up our tummies!

Tasek Merimbun..The last time I went there - that was like 5 years ago - they had the bridge connecting the mainland to the small island but nowdays, there is no longer any bridge! Quiet dissapointing though coz I was planning to bring my nieces over to the other side and they were quiet excited about it but.... *hmmmmmm*

After we came home from our trip to Tutong, I went to the hairdresser and did the hair treatment. Trim my hair a lil' bit...kindda sayang to trim it but nevermind, my hair need a lil' bit of trimming..

Work, as usual. I got some paperworks and reports to do and to be submitted on the first week of January. Changing workplace forced me to finish my reports and all the necessaries before the new year....

My plan for new year's eve? SLEEEPPPPP!! *Hahaha* What a boring life! But that's still KIV for the moment.

I sent my car to the agent last Friday and by friday afternoon, it was not ready yet! The service lady told me that they will try to get it done by Saturday noon. Saturday morning around 10.30AM, I called the service lasdy to inquire about my car and she said, it's not ready yet! *YIKES* Batah jua!!! I asked her when it can be readied and she she probably Monday. WHAT? No car for Saturday night and Sunday! I'm doomed! Even yesterday, I had to borrow my mum's car to go to work! Oh well....But by 11AM, she called and said, ready tia! Macammana kan tu?? Anyway, I don't want to think about that. My $405 gone, my car's back!!! I'm handicapped without it.....

I managed to watch the Alvin and The Chipmunks last Wednesday night *orang sibuk-sibuk bertakbir raya, kami sibuk-sibuk melihat wayang* It's funny and the chipmunks are cuties. Are there any chipmunks being sold? I wanna add to my collections..hehe! And last night, we went to watch the National Treasure 2 - The Book of Secrets..It's a cool movie! I LIKEEEEEE! We took the 10.50PM show, mainly because I don't fancy looking for parking (coz you won't get any) if I took earlier shows; and the movie ends around 1AM!

I woke up this morning, had my shower, breakfast and when I came out, my car gone! Where did I parked my car? Did I left it somewhere? Haha! No lah...I'm not that senile! I rushed up to my parents' room and found out that they were not around. Called my dad and turned out he's driving my car with my mum and niece, Batrisya. I told my dad that I got an appointment at 11AM and I need my car...

I came just in time for my appointment - manicure and pedicure! *AHAKZ* Well, my hand and feet need the pampering too. It was suppose to be an hour treatment but somehow I ended up given a freakin' 2 and a half hour treatment....of coz I LIKEEEE!! Tired but satisfied! And I already make an appointment for the new year... *blisssss* That would be my bonus treatment to me, myself and I.

Tomorrow, another week of work or shall I said, the last week of work in my present workplace.

Next week, another new year

Next week, another new workplace

Next week, another new partner

Next week........

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