Why Baby Why?!

Friday, December 21, 2007
I'm refering to my car, that is. Last night, on my 2-hour break from my duty, my car got problem - the engine warning light flashes and causes my car to slow down. The engine didn't stop, Alhamdulilah but somehow, there is a problem when I stepped on the pedal. I made it home, though!

Once I arrived home, my dad advised me not to use my car (as if I want to risk it). So, I used my dad's car to drive to work and came home 11PM. Tired and exhausted, I woke up early this morning to send my car to the agent.

The computer checking system took 3-freaking-hours! And oooo la la...the ignition coil is busted and I have to change it! *BIG YIKES* I asked them to give an estimated figure to change the ignition coil (PLUS the spark plug and labour charge) and everything comes to FREAKING $405!!! *UUURRRGGGHHHHH* It's the 2nd time in 2 consecutive months that I'm spending too much money in my car! And it's not even bonus yet! *WWWAAAA* Oh well, it's either I fix it or I don't have any car! So....??? Fix it! Money gone, I know but what to do??? Hmmmm...

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