Something Different....Hmmm

Thursday, November 29, 2007
It's been like 3 weeks I'm back wearing my glasses and believe it or not, it's quiet suprising how many people doesn't know that I was wearing contact lens all those time. Weird? But true! Considering I'm working with people, some of the regulars looked at me twice just to make sure it is me..hehe! It's quiet funny!

A guy around my age, I don't know his name but he is quiet friendly and last week he came and he stood infront of me for a long time, then when I looked up, he said:

Young Guy: Hey! It's you
Me: (smiling) Of course it'me me. Why? (making dumb face)
YG: Errmm..you look different.
Me: Apa yang lain? (What's the different)
YG: You wearing glasses...
Me: Yea...
YG: I didn't know you wear glasses...
And I just smiled...Work ethics - cannot flirt with the 'client' during office hours..Haha!

He came again this afternoon and again we have this conversation

YG: What? Not wearing any contact lens anymore?
Me: No! Doctor advised me to take a break.
YG: What happened?
Me: Long story short, I got eye infection and allergy
YG: Ahhhh....

This thing happened again few minutes later when an officer from the Ministry whom I'm quiet close with (we were in the same flights to and fro last time BRU-KL-BRU) came.

Officer Fr Ministry: Eh..
Me: Oh! Hi Ji
OFrM: Start bila kau pakai glasses ani?
Me: Batah udh eh
OFrM: Selama ani nda jua kau pakai glasses.
Me: Contact lens la Ji
OFrM: Ahhh...

Haha! One small change in my apperance, everyone noticed! I wonder if anyone noticed my zits just above my upper lips? Hmmm...I think they noticed but it would be impolite to stare so that's why they concentrate mainly on my eyes. Or maybe my eyes is my attraction? Haha..perasan!

My x-bf told me that he likes me better with my glasses coz that's the real me bla bla bla...and a guy who likes me (whom I mentioned before in this blog), also commented that I look cute with glasses..What's up with male and glasses, anyway?

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