Please God! Don't Let Me Become a Workaholic.....

Saturday, December 29, 2007
It's few more days to the new year and there is so many things changing already by far. Due to some incomplete paperworks, we will have our reshufflement starting the 7th Jan. And from that moment on, every Tuesday, I am required to travel 60KM away to Telisai for the rest of the year. And my boss just dropped the most 'exciting' news - I am required to go and work in KB from 4th Feb till 6th Feb! *YIKES* Reason - They don't have enough staffs! *Hmmmm*

Luckily for me, it's just for 3 days unlike for some of my colleague that have to go and work there for 5 working days! But still I have to think for a place to stay. Sure...they provide the place but it's not the same place like 5 years ago. Yes! It's not the first time for me to go and work in KB. When I started working, I am required to undergo training and rotation and I stayed in KB for a month! They provided a nice place while I was there but this time, the place is taken hence they are giving another place. While I was there, I just coldn't stand life there, it's so quiet! I will go home to Bandar whenever I could and mind you, those days I had to travel a lot further. From 1 end of Brunei to another (from Muara to KB).

Anyhow, I will be there for 3 days only. Thank Godness! Considering that I have to prepare for the upcoming Chinese New Year on the 7th where I will eventually go back to Temburong to be with the rest of the family and InsyaAllah, I will start my 2-week holiday soon after that....

It's raining all over Brunei..haha! Not the rain with water but rain with money...biasalah...bonus is here to stay and go. Yesterday I just couldn't help but to replace my 2 and a half year hp with a new one.... *IMPULSE PURCHASE* which cost me.........hmmm..better left unsaid or rather untyped!

It's Saturday! And I'm drop dead tired! My eyes just wanna close and it's just quarter to 8PM! I haven't finish the Coffee Prince yet and 2 more episodes to go...maybe I will just finish it tonight and tomorrow I can concentrate doing my report *YIKES* I sound like a workaholic!!!

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