When Kids Become Wiser....

Saturday, December 15, 2007
My eldest bro called us up around 5PM this afternoon and said that two of my niece, Batrisya, aged 4 and Rabiatul, aged 3 wanted to come over and stay overnight. So, my brother came around 7PM with 2 of his Charlie's Angels or shall I call it Wadi's Angels..Anyhoo, my mom is has her doubts about the younger one, Atul. She never sleep separately from her mom before and my mum still can't believe it that she just salam her dad and waved him goodbye...as my brother drove away.

So, there we were, sitting in the living room, watching the Indonesian TV series from my dad's huge giant flatscreen when Atul was jumping on the sofa and Trisya was on the floor - drawing. I think the only thing Trisya ever do whenever she is in this house is to come and knock on my door and said, "Along, minta kertas" and started to draw....Okay, I'm going out of the topic now...

Atul was jumping up and down on the sofa and my mum kept on scolding her.

Mum: Atul, jangan lumpat-lumpat...gugur karang...

Atul: (ignoring my mum, still jumping)

Mum: Atullll...dgr cakap nini, gugur karang...

Atul: (still ignoring my mum...)

Mum: (lost a bit of her temper) ATULLLL! Dgr cakap nini bah..gugur karang..apa kan nie nada dgr cakap ani?

Trisya: (looking up from her drawing and looking ever-so-innocent) ambuk kali....

And me, my dad, bro Faiz, bro Muiz and my mum couldn't help but to laugh!!!

Few minutes passed...

My dad was eating some kacang kuda and when he's done, he asked my bro, Faiz to put away all the extras and Trisya, looking very annoyed and angry approached my dad.

Trisya: Ni (as in Nini), abis makan atu, panyap sendiri bah. Jangan suruh orang.

Dad: (just ignored her and kept on watching the TV)

Trisya: Ni, lain kali, abis makan atu, panyap sendiri bah. Jangan suruh orang.

Dad: (and still my dad ignored her)

Trisya kept on repeating the same dialogue for like 10 times (I think) when my dad finally gave a response.

Dad: Apa kan kaka cakap ani?

Trisya: CINA!

Turned out she was so annoyed with my dad that she replied just to annoyed my dad some more...Geeez! Can you imagine kids nowdays? Trust me, my mum said she is a very lucky person to have only a daughter (me) to take care of while my brother, well, he has 3 daughters man! Haha! Good luck Bro!!

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