Friday, December 14, 2007
Oh Crap! First time in how many months (as I remembered la), I overslept! I was soooo sleepy that I just ignored my alarm and sleep!! And, I missed for the cleaning campaign this morning *uhhhooo* We came home around 12.30am last night after watching the I Am Legend and after doing the necessities (no need to elobarate here), I went to bed and straight doze off...

....And woke up around 8.15am. Went straight for my shower (cold one, mind you) and by the time I'm done, it's already 8.30am! And the cleaning campaign started at 8.30am. Thinking that I am definitly late anyway and I have to travel like 20KM to the place, so I decided NOT to go...Don't fancy rushing on Friday morning....

Went to have breakfast at Faize restaurant with the family and from there..jln2..hehe!

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