My Weekend

Sunday, December 9, 2007
How I spent my weekend? Hmm...well, it started of with my movie date with my blind date..haha! So many date word here. So, we agreed to watch a 9.30PM movie at the Qlap Mall. I arrived there around 9.10PM and gezz! It's stuck! I mean, traffic wise! After 2 rounds, I almost gave up finding a parking spot near the buliding. I don't want to park so far away coz by the time the movie ended, it would be around 11 something and I don't fancy walking in the dark to my parking...better safe than sorry! But, lucky me! As I was about to give up, one family car pulled out from the parking exactly infront of the building, so...it's mine!!

And believe it or not, I almost got the wrong guy! Don't ask me why but somehow I just can't remember how my blind date looked like..haha! Funny, you must think, right? But that's the truth! I'm good with memorizing anything else but I'm so lousy at remembering faces...YUP! That's me! So, I called my date, asking where he is and he said that he is waiting for me near the ticket counter. I went up to the ticket counter, looked at all the men queing up for the tickets and I spotted this one guy who looked like him. He was queing for the tickets. I smiled at him and he smiled back and I just waited for him by the sides. Then my eyes scanned the area and I saw my date standing near a poster! COULD YOU BELIEVE IT?! I hit on a stranger! Still shocked and embarrased, I went to my date and I pretend nothing happened. I don't want to hurt is feeling by not remembering his face..AHAKZ! I can somehow feel the world is laughing at me but nevermind! At least I didn't go up to the guy and make a conversation...eewww...that would be more ackward!

Anyhow, we watched The Golden Compass and it's kindda full house. It's an interesting movie, I must say...a hint of classis and modern. I like it! It ended around 11.20PM and I went straight home after saying goodbye to my date. It's kindda late for dinner anyway.

This morning, I helped my mum and dad doing some shopping..I LOVE shopping! If I don't have any care or responsibility, I would use up all my money for shopping...don't you just love shopping?! I managed to finish the season 3 of Numb3rs. I'm not that good at maths but watching this series at least refresh my mind on how maths work...hehe.

Around half past 3, I started to make a move to attend my colleague's granddaughter birthday party. And guess what, I witnessed an accident between an Avanza and a Lexus IS200! Man! They were arguing by the roadside. I understand how that feel but somehow both parties were getting hot! If you know what I mean! Polices came half an hour later, taking statements, this and that and well, that's it....lets the insurances think about it...hehe!

Now, m back in my room. I'm suppose to do my KKC report but somehow I'm just lazy! Well, the lazy part always come this time of the day. I just want to lie back and watch the CSI and Bones! Hehehe...laterzzz!!!

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