Heartbreak Kid

Friday, December 7, 2007

I always like Ben Stiller. I mean, he has that expression that sometime make you sympthised him. I loved watching There's Something About Mary, I mean, that's quiet funny.

So this afternoon, I went to watch The Heartbreak Kid with my brothers. So it's this story abt this middle aged guy, Eddie (Ben Stiller) who in my opinion is being pressured just by being single, I guess. So he met this girl whom he knew for 6 weeks, got married and from that moment on, life is completely choas!

While honeymooning with his wife, he meets one lovely lady and he believes that he is in love..This story is quiet funny...you won't regret watching it and the place, Cabo (never heard of it before) is quiet a magnificent place....
'Love Hurts' - YEA! It sure does!

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