Welcome to the World, Baby

Sunday, December 2, 2007
Officially I became an aunt again! Now I'm holding the title aunt for 3 of my nieces! My 'latest' niece came to rock (hehe!) the world this morning at 2.20AM, weight 3.1kg. This is my brother, Wadi's third daughter with my sister-in-law, Noi. My brother is hoping for baby boy but when baby girl made her appreance, well, what to say....rezeki kan?

The name? That's the thing. My brother wanted to named her Adrina Adawiyah while my sister-in-law wanted to name her Adriana Adawiyah AND my dad wanted to name her Nurul Adriana Adawiyah. 3 names, 1 baby!I like Adriana Adawiyah better, sweet and adorable just like her....

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