December Coming...

Thursday, November 29, 2007
A day to go and it will be December. That's like another 32 more days to the new year 2008! YIKES! 2008?! Part f me looking forward for the new year and some part doesn't! Okay, I admit, I'm looking forward to the new year. I'm hoping to make some changes in my life. I know what I want to change but I just don't want to share it yet! Not yet! Don't worry, I will sure share it sooner or later!

For this December, I will have public holiday duties. My duties is only twice for the December but I'm taking over a colleagues' duty considering that she is celebrating Christmas and her family will fly here for the occassion, so I'm giving her the chance to spend the Christmas with her beloved! That's more like teamwork eh! And I will have more of the KKC meetings. The never ending meeting, I would say. But hopefully we can finish it before the next KKC 'season' and get it over with!

Anyway, new year 2008; I don't have anything planned yet but rumor has it that our department is having a family outting on the new year day. Not sure how true is the rumor but if it's true, then I will be having a BBQ for the new year day. Somewhere in February 2008, we will have our annual gathering and this time, it will be held in Kuala Belait. Do I smell another roadtrip? Yea! I love roadtrips! But I'm not sure I will be going for another annual gathering. For the last 5 years I had been working, I only went once and that was last year! Speaking of work commitment huh! I got so many work commitment that it's kindda hard to keep up with!

I will officially move to the new 'office' starting January 2. More responsibilities, more work! Luckily, my partner is someone I can rely on. At least, it gives me a sense of relief.

Apart from my work life, my specs hunting haven't produced anything just yet! I'm still searching. Gezz! How much searching do I need? Hehe! Well, it's gonna be my 'companion', my 'partner', my 'other half', so I better choose wisely, don't you think? OK! In other word, I'm just plain choosy....PERIOD! No wonder I don't have any boyfriend! HaHaHa! Wherever that comes from....?

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