The Kingdom

Wednesday, November 28, 2007
I read some comments on the movie, The Kingdom. Some said it contains a lot more actions than the Hitman. So I decided to go and judge the movie for myself. I went to watch The Kingdom yesterday afternoon at The Mall Cineplex.

It's a movie about Americans being killed by suicide bomers in the land of Saudi Arabia. I'm not sure whether they really filmed it in Saudi Arabia but it does look like it - from the bulidings and environments and all. Anyway, FBI Agent Fleury (Jamie Foxx) together with 3 of his team (Jennifer Garner, Chris Cooper and Jason Bateman) went to Saudi Arabia to find and capture a terrorist responsible for a deadly attack on Americans.

It gets hectic and unorganized as well, you know how tight Muslim country is Saudi Arabia. The laws are very strict that it prohibits then from doing their 'job'. However, the agents find themselves strangers in a very strange land until a native police captain takes them under his wing and helps them navigate the deadly streets of Riyadh.

Politics and religions aside, it's a good movie! It filled with actions and the casts are brilliant. The Prince of Saudi (whoever the actor is; he is quiet deliciously goodlooking) But for someone who is sensitive about religion and believes, there is a pro and a con here. The good side is that no matter what the coour of our skins and what are religion and believes are, we help each other for the right cause. The bad side, sure! It targeted mainly on the Muslim; Al-Qaeda, September 11 and all those.

The director is Peter Berg. Some of you might remember him and some of you might not. I even don't remember where I had seen him before. I know he looks familiar but just couldn't place him. I did my serach and guess what, he is the guy from the mid-90's medical TV series - Chicago Hope! I don't know whether any of you remember this TV series but this TV series is quiet the 1st medical TV series that I watched. There was no Grey's Anatomy, House, Medical Investigation, CSI back then but Chicago Hope was a hit! Man! I almost forget all about it. Peter Berg, he sure comes a long way from 1994 and he directed this movie! Awesome!

Is it a lot better than Hitman? My personal view, I like both! I LOVE action movies..PERIOD! But this movie, I have to say, place an impact in my life coz it involved my fellow Muslims. I'm not biased or anything here and I know that what our fellow friends did affected the whole Muslim community in this world....

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