Money In d'Loo!

Thursday, December 13, 2007
It's been quiet a hectic week for me so far and it's just Thursday. Monday, it was raining heavily and most of the main areas (Qlap, Gadong, Beribi) were flooded! I nearly caught in the flood, mind you. I was sending my restless niece to her home in Beribi and the rains was pouring very heavily and I had to drive with extra cautions. My mom called me twice along my route from Mulaut - Beribi - Mulaut. Luckily I'm with my brother, at least he can answer the phone for me. The heavy downpour also causes some areas have disrupted water supply yesterday because the main station in Kianggeh was flooded and some of the pumps were damaged. But, hey! Have to salute the Water dept people, they work very efficiently to resume the water supply..

Tuesday, work is as usual. I met some of the 'star' (as one of the doctors called it!) patients. But nevermind, nowdays I'm thinking positive and after 3 years 3 months, I will be out of this place and starting January 2nd, I will be in a new place and meeting new patients. I know that I will definitly encounter 'star' patients but I hope not as much as present. Gezz! This area, got so many PIA (as I always called them!) patients. I KNOW that it's part of the job but come on...this area is too much. So yea! I'm looking forward to the new environment and seetings! Something to look forward to and struggle with...Something good might come *wink*wink* Oh yea, that night, I 'fulfilled' a dinner invitation (ahakz! mcm terpksa bunyinya!). Anyway, it went well and he improved a lot (in conversations part!ahakz!) considering for the years that we had known each other.

Wednesday and today, afterwork, I had to rush to RIPAS for Wednesday and Ong Sum Ping for today. I had a CE and a KKC meeting today. Kindda tiring. Instead of going home like everyone else, I'm going to the main offices! Must be a weird working hours I'm having!

Oh yea, before I forgot (my blog post title), just before leaving the office for my meeting, I went to the loo aka toilet coz I need to empty my bladder before caught in the traffic jam. The toilet consists of three stalls and I approached the first stall. Guess what I found or rather saw? No! It's not the poo! Instead of the poo, there are some $1 notes (money) immersed in the loo water and some near the seat. I was thinking, shall I use this seat? I mean, I don't fancy urinating the notes, it has HM's face on it!! Gezz! I can be caught and detained just for doing that. Flush it? Then the money will be gone! So, I take the easy way out - use another stall coz the toilet is mainly empty! I went to the next stall and aaahhhh...emptied my bladder, of course!

While washing my hand, I was thinking about the notes. Shall I fish it out and cleaned it? *yikes* Or just let it be? *hmmm..* Or take a picture of it? *great idea* Remembering that my HP is in my coat (which I'm wearing), I took my HP out and started to make my way to the first stall....when a lady came in! I place my HP back into my coat and with a smile (service with a smile), I walked out of that loo.

Now, some of you must be wondering what I really want to do with that money. Actually, honestly, I think I'm just gonna leave it there. I don't want to fish it out because

1. It's not my money
2. *yuck* I don't fancy immersing my hand into the toilet seat. Dunno what disease I might catch! 3. Sure, it's rezeki but no need to be greedy, right?

So, anyway, our KKC project is progressing very well and yes! now I'm stuck with doing the reports again! Man! I got so many reports to do. I hope my laptop does not explode by the time I finish our project..Nauzubillah! Hehe!

I Am Legend starring Will Smith opened today in cinema here and after fetching my younger bro, Muiz from the Mall, we went straight to Qlap Mall to buy the tickets. Yea! I'm gonna watch I Am Legend in 2 hours time. I think all I do lately is watching movies! A colleague and I were browsing thru' the papers yesterday and we were looking for the movies showing in the cinemas and could you believe it that I saw like 80% of the movies already! My colleague couldn't believe it! And I also couldn't believe it? Beowulf - check! Hitman - check! Enchanted - check! The Kingdom - check! The Heartbreak Kid - check! The Golden Compass - check! What esle I haven't watch? Yikes! As if I don't have any fun thing to do except for watching movie..hehe! Tonight I'll watching the I Am Legend and I'm thinking of watching Alvin and The Chipmunks soon..hehe! They are soo cute....Nanti la....

Tomorrow, I need to attend a cleaning campaign and another meeting before the Christmas and for our department's family day, we will be having a picnic in Muara beach on January 6th and another meeting for that too...Hmmm...MIB - Meeting Inda Beranti....

Anyhoo...I better stop my entry for today/tonight!

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