Sunday, December 2, 2007

Enchanted - the last movie I watch for the month of November. Could you believe it, somehow, I don't know what's up but in November, I watched 6 movies! WOW! That was like 1 and a half movie for every week.

Anyway, Enchanted; it's a fairy tale story. The Cinderella-Snow White type of movie but nontheless, it's quiet funny. I don't want to bore all of you out there with the synopsis coz like every fair tale movies, it always end 'happily ever after'. I was waiting for this movie mainly because Patrick Dempsey is in it...he is so YUMMY! Hehe! And the songs in this movie, there are all 'catchy'.

Watch it if you are the romantic type (like me!) but if your partner not as romantic as you, don't bring your partner. Bring someone else! hehe!

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