Oppss! I Did It Again...

Friday, December 7, 2007
You know how the thing that you vowed not to do but you did it anyway. No! I didn't do anything naught or illegal or anything such as but this is something that I promised myself that I won't do again, mainly I'm tired.

I went on blind date....again! After awhile, I think 2 years, I went on a blind date, could you guys believe it?! This thing isn't suppose to happen again coz I promised that I won't go out with strangers again! Urrggghh....But I did!

It's not that the date is that terrible, no! Infact it's quiet the opposite. We had a lot of fun chatting about almost everything! And that's what scared the heck out of me! I mean, I'm not ready for a long term commitment...don't ask me why! And I have a second date with him tomorrow night! YIKES! Don't you thinkit's too fast?!! I think it does!

I don't know what happened lately. Some guys I know that is still single are like racing to ask me out. My colleague, Ummi said that I'm quiet 'laku' this month! Geezzz! I didn't realise that I'm offering special discounts. This week I'm going out with another guy and next week, I have accepted dinner invitation by another....hmmmm...

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