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Tuesday, November 27, 2007
I was having my off day today and man, don't I just enjoy off days. I woke up a lil' bit late, around 7.45am, had my shower and by 8.30am, I was ready to go to the RIPAS hospital for my eyes followup. Once I arrived in RIPAS, I straight headed for the paying basement parking coz no waste in wating my time to look for free parking. Basically you won't get any. Parking in RIPAS after 7am is almost impossible. So I parked my car (cursed at some irresponsible drivers who just parked their car antam2 and leave not enough space to move), went straight to the registration and I got que no 21.

I thought 21 is not that bad considering it's just 10 minutes to 9am!! But when I look at the electronic numbering system, the number displayed at that time is 7!!!! YIKES! No empry chairs so I was suck standing, watching the Health Awareness programs on TV. The ENS (electronic numbering system) kept on beeping and I kept on looking. But mostly patients by appointment being called first. By 9.30am, my number! Yea! Doctor cleared me of infections but advised me not to wear contact lens everyday as my infection might come back and gave me a prescription for garasone eyedrop and lacrilube. Geez! Better start hunting for new glasses now. The glasses I'm wearing now is 3 years old already! Hmmmm...

Haven't eat any breakfast yet, so me and Bro Muiz (he was tagging along), went to McD. I know! I know! Unhealthy food to start the day but I'm running out of choice and I was hungggrryyy! We were queing up behind these 2 Ah Bengs (that's Chinese men) wearing PINK t-shirts! Rarely I see men wearing PINK t-shirt! I remembered when I was staying in Singapore, there was this hugh news when a Singaporean Idol participant wearing PINK t-shirt for the audition and he had been named Ah Beng eversince. Couldn't remember if he gets in or not! Anyway, infront of those 2 Ah Bengs, there were 3 more couples hence we were the fifth and only one counter opened! Huunnnngggrrryyyy!! Luckily, soon after that, another counter opened (maybe sympathised with my 'deprived-out-of-food-look'). Ate my breakfast and around 11.15am, we out of Gadong. Gotta fetch Bro Faiz from school.

Afternoon, I treated myself to a movie (since there is no one to treat me..hahaha). Of course, I brought my 2 'bodygurads'. We watched The Kingdom. Cool movie! Finished the movie around 4.15pm and went straight home coz I promised my dad to have dinner together. Exhausted! But it's been a great day!

Oh yea, I went to several optical stores but so far, haven't find the one that I like best. It's quiet some times I didn't shop for glasses it makes me forget how stressful it can be! Didn't know shopping for glasses is that stressful. My current one is the one that I made in Singapore. Kindda sayang to replace it considering that this one is using the expensive high index lens which cost me some freaking $450! Hmmm...Back to work tomorrow so InsyaAllah I will continue shopping for glasses this Friday. Sunday, I will be working....

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