Friday, December 7, 2007
You know what's the weirdest thing that just happened to me with a colleague, Ummi. Well, the thing is that we are close but not quiet close, you get what I meant? Sure, we work together and we joined the department together and we even went to Singapore together although not living together but we are cool...if you get what I meant.

Anyway, being a colleague, we never ever talked about each other feelings about personal stuffs. Sure, we gossiped with each other about others (kira mengumpat la tu...hehe), we went out for lunch and afterwork coffee and only recently we watch movie together...and only recently she opened up to me. Well, the thing about her is that she is in her early 30ies and still single. But I admire her courages. I mean, most women I know at this age would just give up on finding someone but no...not for her! She never give up hope in finding someone to spend the rest of her life with and I salute her! Yes..I am!

Recently she had been going out with this guy and although how much she wanted it to work out, it just didn't! They don't have the 'spark' - as she called it!

Now, that is something to ponder upon, don't you think? I mean, sure you will tend to meet alot of people in this lifetime but how many of them you really connected to? So far, there is no a guy that I feel the 'spark'. I'm not choosy but my heart is! Does it makes a difference? Sure it does! I can just 'accept' any guy that I know and be done with with but somehow, I want more than that. I guess, that's what everyone wants, right?

Ummi didn't give up in finding her soulmate, why should I? I mean, life is all about taking risks, don't they? Heartbreaks? It comes with the package....so I will be fine!

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