"Siapa?" (in a very loud voice)

Monday, July 30, 2007
Funny thing happened just half an hour ago. Me and my younger brother, Faiz were in my room, tapping on my laptop to transfer songs from his HP to my laptop when there was this loud knock at the front door. My room is in the ground floor and I can hear the loud knock. I said to Faiz, "Bapa masuk udah kah?" coz I know my dad was watering the plant outside before me and my bro hit the laptop. And Faiz said, "Ntah." Considering that my dad as the world class joker coz he never get so serious with any of us unless the situations demand it so I thought it's my dad, knocking on the door just to get me and my bro to move our butts.

The knocking became insistent, so I got off from my coushion and came out of my room. With a very loud voice, I said, "Siapa?" and I can heard a female voice responding. That's when I realised my dad coming down the stairs and looking at my dad, I opened the door...Laaaa..rupanya aunty sebalah rumah dtg...

I apologized to her from being loud and she was okay with it. She stopped by to send her son's wedding invitation which will take place this 12th August.

Oh yea! that reminds me, my childhood bestbuddy is also getting married the same day and when I met her yesterday, she said, "Yan, nda lagi ada kan kami (my friends) tunggu nie (for getting married). Kau ganya lagi." Hahaha...tunggu tah....

Special Monday Treat

When I came to work this morning, my colleague, Nanette told me that she had bought me a chocolate cake from one of the RBC outlets in Gadong last night.

Net: Good morning Sugi.
Me: Good morning Net.
Net: I bought you some chocolate cake. I put it in the fridge, make sure you bring home later.
Me: Eh! What's the occassion?
Net: Nothing. I just want you to taste it. I told you it was nice but you are the expert in chocolate cake, so I let you decide it by yourself.
Me: Wah! So cool...oh, alright, thanx! (Bleesed her heart)

And we went ahead with our work and came lunchtime, I brought home the box of chocolate cake and hmmmm.....it's so spongy, it's so soft, it's so delicious, it's so nibbleicious...I just can't stop from finishing all of it - well, I left some for my 2 brothers as they looked at me expectingly...

Actrually I'm not that expert in tasting all these chocolate cakes. I just love them to bits that I don't care whether they are delicious or not. I just eat it!! But honestly, this cake (I forget to ask Nanette what's the name) is better than the Empire one (no offence!) and just a bit off from the L'Opera cake I tasted in Starbuck in KL...nyummm nyummmm...

Overspent Again!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007
When I went to the bookstore this afternoon, I decided only to buy magazine - the Cleo magazine. So, once I arrived at the bookstore, I looked at the magazines and ended up buying 2 magazines and when I made the payment, I just couldn't resist and look on the New Arrivals shelf.

10 minutes later, out of the bookstore, I'm carrying a plastic bag containing 2 magazines and 3 novels and I told myself, I'm spending so much on novels again!!! Novels are not in my must-buy list this month considering that I just bought like 10 novels when I was in KL and I only managed to finish reading like 3 novels so far and my last month's issue of magazines, I haven't read it yet!! Yikes!!! I should just stay at home and kept on blogging instead of going out and spent on something that is not 'necessary'....

Oh well, what to do? I'm a lady afterall...hahaha...the same reason to get me out of a situation....


Sales! Sales! and Sales!....Everywhere...

It's the weekend and everyone is out and about. This morning, after constant nagging from my mum, I finally gave up on my sleep and took a shower and together with the rest of the family (that's just my parents and 2 younger brothers), we were out and about.

My dad's first stop is the Akira Warehouse Sales in Madewa and wow! isn't it just that hectic - cars parked by the sideroads, people walking uphill to the Akira shop and inside..fewwhh..no need to mention la...it's was jammed packed. I was 'lost' while looking for my parents and I had to call my dad. It's was so hot and 'wild packed' inside that I didn't stay long. I left my parents to look at the electronics while I made my way back to the car.

We went to Hua Ho Tg Bunut after that where I promised to meet my aunts there considering they were buying the kain for my cuz's wedding this September - kira sekayu la tu...and in the Hua Ho foyer alone, I met some of my colleagues and childhood friends. Well, I think it took me half an hour on the chit chatting and when I'm done, my parents changed their minds and decided to go home instead. And I was asking, "Why?" My dad asked me to look at the payment que and man! all the counters are fulled and people were queing up and I said to myself, oh! ok!

I guess everywhere is kindda hectic this days, where all the stores are having sales and people are gearing up for the upcoming raya...it's just like 2 months away...wow!


New Hobby

Saturday, July 28, 2007
Yea! I got a new hobby and it comes in the form of CACTUS!! Hehehe...m starting to plant and tend to them and I find it so calming. I remembered when I was young, I was afraid to be near them coz I'm afraid being poked by the duri but now, no more! So, another hobby into my list and hopefully it's for a long time...hehe...

"Blogging is the way of life"

It has become a habit of mine to listen to the radio whenever I had the opportunity and this morning, I listened to the Pilihan FM station and one of the djs (I couldn't remember her name but I think it's Izan - if I'm not mistaken) was giving tips on how to write a biography and how she mentioned that nowdays more people are in blogging and how it is easier to do compared doing an autobiography.

I had to say blogging is more easier and fun to do rather than writing. I used to write journals and I got lots of it as the years passed by. I even named my journal everytime I had open a new journal. But eversince I'm active in blogging (I think I'm consider active...hehe), somehow I just totally forgotten about my dearest journal and last night, I did open my journal and my last entry was last May 21..wow! What a very lousy journal jotter I am, huh?!

But, there are lots of good things about journal rather than blogging. I don't know about the rest of you out there but for me, I treat my journal as my diary - where I pour everything without any limitions...but blog, definitly I can't pour everything out. And truth to be told, whatever I write in this blog, it's considered half story being told; the rest being tucked away in the furthest corner of my memory. True, your blog is your opinions but sometimes even our opinions are too private or too sensitive to be viewed by the rest of the world (well, it's only a figure of speech! - but I think you will get my point).

And I think it's not that wise to pour everything in your blog...just to be cautious!


Blind Dates

How many of you out there had experienced it?! Well, I guess most of you will have (if you are the shy type like me). Anyway, I was listening to the radio one afternoon and a listener was requesting a song from the dj just to calm down her jitters about meeting a blind date..hehe and when I listened to it, I smiled to myself and said, "I know exactly how she feels." Coz, honestly speaking, I had been to a lots of blind dates during my so-called younger days (haha!) but as the years progressed, I kindda stop doing blind dates.

Few of my friends were quiet - shall I say - worried for me not having any boyfriends and how I can't find someone to suit me (not that I'm too choosy! - in my opinion anyway), so some of them would go the extra miles and tried to match me up with someone they know and hence, the blind dates!

For the first few months into the blind dating process, I was wiling (I guess?!) partly because when I think about my friends, they had put out an effort to make it work, so out of duty as a friend, I just tagged along. I think I went to 5 - 8 blind dates (I lost count) and when I went to Singapore to do my inservice training, I totally forget all about dating...and concentrate more on shopping..hahaha!

Anyway, all the times I was in Singapore, I didn't date at all and when I came back to Brunei, somehow, I lost interest in blind dates! Coz, I realised that after all the blind dates, there must be something is wrong with me, I mean, why don't I hook up with any of the guys? So, eventually, my reason, my cliche reason is that I'm not ready and when I told that to all my friends (who tried to matchmaking me), they backed off and respect my decision not to rush into things...

And as far as I can remember, in this year alone, I think I only blind dated 1 guy. What will the future holds? Just wait and see.....


Nature's Way Getting Back To Earth

Thursday, July 26, 2007
Yesterday and last night, I had to say is the worst rain and flooding I ever experienced. I was attending a lecture in RIPAS hospital around 5pm and when I came out of the lecture theatre, it was raining very heavily. The bottom of my kain totally soaked and I'm tempted to go straight home. But considering that I had to buy food for my rabbits, so I braved the heavy rain and went to Kiulap.

On my way out of the T junction in Kiulap, it was heavily flooded at one side of the road and I kept on considering that I have no other way to turn to, I just braved through the water and prayed, prayed very hard that everything will be okay. Alhamdulilah, it was okay but the water blockage didn't stop there. Entering into the Kiulap shopping area, it was also flooding. Luckily, I managed to get a parking infront of the shop and without my umbrella (coz it's a hassle to open and close an umbrella), I just get out of my car.

Yesterday, it was traffic jam everywhere! The rain is very heavy, water blockage everywhere (I guess out drainage system couldn't cope with the flow of the rain) and somehow, it looked more hectic than ever! And I said to myself, I guess it's just the way nature getting back to us - for whatever reason it might be. But we should consider ourselves lucky as the weather isn't really that bad. By the time I arrived my neighbourhood, it was around 6.30pm and considering that I lived around 'the ban areas' in Kilanas, I can see the water slowly rising.

I didn't think much about the weather that night as I was drop dead tired and went to sleep. This morning I was awaken by my mum and panickingly, she said, our place is flooded! I was like 'erkk, bnr kah tu?' considering that my room is on the ground floor and if it's flooding, duh! I think I should aware of it! Turned out, our simpang is flooded and when my dad sent my brothers to school, he called me up and said, 'iantie, definitly you can't drive to work.' Apparently, once we get out of our minor simpang and entered the jln ban, it was definitly flooding!! The water is up till the knees - or is it above the knees (I definitly didn't get out of the car and try!) and I ended up being sent by my dad to work...fewwwhhh! Never see flood like that in my entire stay in Ban area! I know ban 3 and ban 4 is well known to be flooded but not my ban!

So, anyway, today's incident make my urge to buy a SUV even stronger! hehe! Another reason to buy a SUV - floods! But, all is okay and the road is accessible now and hopefully, no more rain tonight. If it rains again, well...I don't want to think the thinkable....


Stubborn Jojo

It's coming to the 5th day after her treatment and so far, I can count how many times only I had given Jojo her eardrops! No, it's not that I'm lazy or forget but somehow, honestly speaking from someone who had experienced it, giving an eardrop to a rabbit is far more difficult than I ever imagined!! Seriously!! She's like having a 6th or 7th sense that everytime I am near with the eardrop, she runs the opposite side as fast as her cute rabbit feets can carry!

I tried to bait her using her food. I let her get hungry (cruel me! I know) and when I feed her, I tried to instilled the eardrop into her ear. 1st ear, okay, no problemo but somehow when she feels the liquid entering her ear, she tried to scratch it. But to instill into her 2nd ear, it's almost came to impossible! She runs everytime she sees the eardrop and when I managed to hold her down, she scratch, scratch and scatch (...and win!hahaha! wishful thinking) until she got away! With the rate I'm progressing with her and the eardrop, I don't know whether she will be ready for her second treatment next week...

Tissue, tissue and....more tissue, please!

Sunday, July 22, 2007
Ok! I'm having one of those days again, when I don't have any mood to do anythig just because I'm not feeling well. Last night I used and finished officially 1 box of tissue and I have to ask some more from my mum. My 'seasonal' sinusitis is back again (I think it's from all those my pets' fur) and my nose just won't stop from 'dripping' (if you get what I meant). I took loratadine yesterday morning and since I was about to fetch my brother from the Mall last night, I couldn't take any more antihistamines (just to avoid from drowsiness). After fetching my brother, I went straight to sleep without the airconditioner. I guess my aircond is having a relief considering I rarely give him a break..hehe

This morning, I woke up with sore throat and I'm not proud of myself, but when my nieces came, I was being nasty to them...poor Trisya and Atul. And their behaviours...fuhh...I don't know how come girls can be so stubborn, naughty and sooo irritating. I know they are just kids but after I got mad at them, immediately I regret it hence I cuddled Trisya to her afternoon nap while Atul went of with the grandparents (my parents).

Don't know how I can survive tomorrow. It's Monday and like every other Mondays, it will be quiet hectic!

"Coolest Car in Town"

Saturday, July 21, 2007

'Coolest car in town - powered by money' - that's the car sticker found stuck in one of the many cars I came across today and yea! the statemet is so true....when you have the money, you can definitly own a cool, expensive car. The guy's car (with the sticker on), I had to say one of the coolest car but not the coolest. Ok la but in my opinion there are some more cool car out there on the road and ok, his one is one of the coolest.

As for me, I got my own list of coolest cars. Well, cars that I just dreamt of having but couldn't afford and mind you, eventhough my car is not that cool but I still love my car...hehe. Hmmm..better have a debt free car rather than having a car owned by the bank but these things couldn't be helped, I supposed.

I'm an SUV type of person, so don't be suprised when all (or most of) my list of coolest cars are SUV types. I remembered when I wanted to buy my first car, I wanted to buy either the Rav 4 or Ford Escape but both my parents opposed to it. Their main reason, big car doesn't suite a petite girl like me...and presently, as in 5 years later, whenever my parents wanted to drive my car, I'm stuck driving a 9-seater van!!! And yea! I do get the 'look' once a while and I can imagine other drivers looking at me with the thought, "How can that lady drives a van?" or "Her feets reach the pedals kah?" Haha...but I got used to it. Before the 9-seater van, I used to drive 7-seater SUV and i's only a matter of time I either drive a bus or a lorry..hahaha....

Anyway, my list of coolest car around (in Brunei) are:
1. Mazda CX7 - whoever drives this car, man! I envy you guys...
2. Subaru Tribeca - so far I only saw 1 on the Brunei's road
3. VW GTI - super cool
4. Mazda RX8 - what a beaut...
5. Audi Q7 - king of the road, I must say...hehe
6. Audi A4 Wagon - nibbleicious

Trip to the vet

I slept around 2am this morning coz m trying very hard to finish Nisha Minhas' Tall, Dark and Handsome novel - which I haven't manage to finish yet and this morning my mum had to wake me up for my trip to the vet with Jojo. I fed them and when they finished their breakfast, armed with the petcaddy, I approached their adobe. Jojo somehow has the 6th sense and she stayed well away from me and believe it or not, I spent 15 minutes just to lure her to the petcaddy!! Not to mentioned that my trouser and shirt is partly covered with fur as Lampoh (my siamese cat) being a busybody tried to poke her nose in the messy situation; to find out what's happening! Talked about emotionally intelligence! 15 minutes later, covered with Lampuh's and Jojo's fur, I forced Jojo into the petcaddy and placed her in the car and all the way to the vet in Rimba, I 'talked' to her to behave herself. Yea! I know! The only disadvantages about rabbits is that they didn't speak nor do they make a noise to acknowledge that they hear you loud and clear....

Anyway, luckily it was not that busy when I came and I was the 14th pet owner...yippie!! compared to 30+..that could take ages! The vet on duty today is Dr Diana, which makes it even more easier, as I know her - she is a colleague of my best mate. Told her Jojo's problem and as predicted, it's only the mites. Dr D asked whether Jojo is pregnant and I told her that I had no idea. She told me the only way to know whether a rabbit is pregnant is by touching their nipples (sounds kinky!ahakz!) and Jojo isn't...ohh..what a shame! and a fact about rabbit, they can start ovulating starting the age of 1 week...seriously! Hmm..my expection is now a bit higher for this lovely rabbits of mine. But nevermind, work harder on it next time, KC..haha..

Jojo received 2 shots and an appointment in 2-week time. She's also being given an eardrop, to be used everyday. We will see how's she progressing....

Bubble Gums, Storm and Rabbit

Friday, July 20, 2007
Just came back from my once-monthly public holiday duty and although it is not that busy but physically I'm just tired. When I reached my car in the parking lot to go home, one irresponsible idiot stuck a bubble gum on my car rear bummper. Initially I thought it's a bird's waste (as the lighting is not good) so I took a tissue out and wiped it out. Turned out it a f****ing bubble gum and luckily, it came off easily, no mark left behind. If I know who did that, man! that person will definitly be deaf or maybe just regret it. Seriously!! Don't ever mess up with me and my car, definitly, NOT my car. Anyhow, considering nothing bad happened to my car, so consider that person lucky and I forgive him/her...

And a colleague messaged me, saying that a 'major mini typhoon' is coming to Brunei in 3-4 hours time...seriuos kah tu? Seriously?! I mean, early this evening, we already had what I thought was the so-called typhoon..luckily I'm working so I didn't feel a thing except for the loud thunder.

Anyway, tomorrow I got the day off...yippieee..hehe! Yea, it's been a long time I didn't have any decent off, so you can say that I'm looking forward to it. Besides I have some errands to do tomorrow. I need to bring my female rabbit, Jojo to the vet. Something is wrong with her. Could she be pregnant? Wow! If that's the case, then it would be so cool, imagine all those small, cute baby rabbits. But don't get high hope coz if I'm not mistaken, she is like only 1 year 3 months. Can a rabbit gets pregnant at that age? I mean, KC (the male rabbit) kept on chasing Jojo and do you-know-what (ehem!ehem!) with her...hehe..anyway, wait for my update after I bring her to the vet tomorrow.

Weekend Over!

Monday, July 16, 2007
45 more minutes to midnight and soon it will be Tuesday, 17th July and back to work...waaaa! Don't feel like going back to work. Well, to think abt it, there is no reason for me not to go back to work...hehe..I feel that my weekend is filled with activities.

Last Sunday, I started by watching the midnight show of the Harry Porter and as promised, I brought my 2 nieces, Trisya and Atul to the Jungle Gym. They were having a blast, enjoying the treat and suprisingly, they were behaving really really good...which is very rare..hehe. And that night, I had to do some paperworks and printed them out. Yeah! I'm working at home during the weekends....

Today, I accompanied my parents to a wedding in Lambak Kanan and then did some shopping. Took a nap in the afternoon and when I woke up, I decided to go to my tailor to send my kains for the upcoming raya. When I arrived, there was a customer, bring lots and lots of kains..I think more than 10 and I was saying to myself, "Is she serious?"

Turn out, my tailor and her 3 assistants told me that they are abt to close the booking for raya as there is a big box containing all the kains to cut and do for raya and there I thought, i'm 3 months early!!! But considering that m their loyal customer for the last 2 years, they accept my kains..yea! hehehe..fewhhh...at least I will have 'baju raya' this year...what's up with women and 'baju raya'? Don't bother asking..hehehe

Saturday in a glance

Sunday, July 15, 2007
As usual, it was quiet hectic for me at work every Mondays and Saturdays. Monday blues? I know some people suffer from those but for me, I think I don't have any Monday blues or any day blues whatsoever. And Saturday, well, it's always busy. Everyone's getting excited 'coz the weekend is around the corner, I guess and yesterday we finished around 5pm! Man, if the ministry pays us overtime, I guess ours will be the more...hehe!

Anyway, office politics aside, I decided to go for a walk/jog that afternoon. By the time I came home, it's around 5.15pm and I told my parents that m going for a walk in JP. When I finished changing my attire and came out of my room, I saw 3 faces waiting for me in the porch - they are coming too! Well, the more, the merrier..

I accompanied my mum walking while my dad and my younger bro went for a jogging. We did brisk walking for 1 hour then we decided to go home. I had my shower and took a nap...I woke up around 10pm and get ready.

Me and my 2 bros going to the Mall, to watch the midnight show of the latest Harry Porter. Well, Harry is no longer the young Harry and somehow, it's just not the same anymore....'something' is different. We finished the movie around 2.15am and came home around 2.30am. Settled everything and dozzed off......

Now, it's Sunday, July 15th. It's His Majesty 61st birthday and bonus would be earlier starting this year...all will be receiving their much-earned bonus by the end of December..yeah! hehehe...but no splurge for me 'coz I already have a plan for my bonus *wink*wink* - it's coming this February....InsyaAllah..

This afternoon, I promised my 2 nieces - Batrisya and Rabiatul for treat in the Jungle Gym. It was Rabiatul's 3rd birthday yesterday so we are celebrating her belated birthday later....


Grey's Anatomy season finale

Friday, July 13, 2007
Ok..I just finished watching the final episode of Grey's Anatomy this afternoon and what?? That's the ending? I mean, what happened? Burke didn't get married with Cristina, Grey broke up with Derek (yummy!), George failed his internship, Miranda didn't get the Chief of Resident (-ence?), Izzie, dunno what happened with George, Callie got the Chief of Resident (-ence?) and might be pregnant, Alex and Addison - I have no idea and as much as I dislike the character of McSteamy, I have to admit, he is so hot! Haha...but where was he in this last episode?

And the last moment, Lexie Grey came and introduced herself!! Don't tell me she will end up with McDreamy (they were flirting in Joe's bar)...urgghhh! It's so unbearable to wait for the 4th season...

Oh well, guess I have to divert my attention to CSI : Las Vegas now. Hope it's not so frustrating as the Grey's but that not what I get from the snap preview....hmmm...

Jungle Gym

This morning, I brought my eldest niece, Batrisyia to the Jungle Gym in Kiulap. It's my first time coming to the place but not the first for my niece as my brother aka her father always bring them (she and her lil' sis, Rabiatul) there.

I came around 10.45am and the place was a bit quiet. My brother informed me that sometimes it can be quiet hectic over there. Well, that is what you suppose to get when you gather all the kids in one place. Anyway, it was a bit quiet and I paid for her entry. Only when Batrisyia invited me to join her in the big playpen did I realised that I forgot to bring my socks (my brother even reminded me the night before). They sell socks there but I don't feel like buying. Besides, I prefer to sit and just watched her play.

She was quiet angry to me because of not accompanying her - she's just 4 years old. But I talked her to it and once she entered the playpen, she forgot about me altogether. Luckily I brought a novel and my youngest brother with me. I called her around 12 noon to go home coz my brother needs to go to the mosque for the Jum'at prayer but she won't budge. I gave her another 15 more minutes in which after that, it's either she comes home with us or we are leaving her behind (which I didn't seriously mean). But she's 4 years old and she trusts me that much that she gave in...yikes! Cruel aunt but hey, she's happy and fell asleep on the way home....

Flattering comments....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007
What's the nicest thing anyone ever said to you? Well, as far as my memories served me right, there are 2 nicest comments I received from 2 different people, 1 fr someone I know while 1 fr someone I don't know (secret admire? Maybe! Ahakz!).

A friend of mine told me once this, "You never cease to amaze me". Well, I never really asked him what he meant by that. It could either be a compliment or other things but it does sound nice so that is one of the nicest thing someone ever said to me...

Another came from someone I don't know. He just messaged me out of the blue and said, "You have a pair of beautiful eyes" and he did mentioned that I should wear contact lens more rather than glasses..yup! he knows who I am but I honestly have no idea who he is...Eventhough we 'parted' not in a good way, but that's the nicest thing he told me.

Today in Brief

It's Wednesday, middle of the week and it was raining early in the morning but suprisingly m all geared up today - super active I shall say. I love the rain, don't you? I managed to finish all my job for today and I already made up a plan on what m about to do tomorrow (which I don't always do because my field of work is so unpredictable).

Anyhow, today I met few people that I dislike...mind you, dislike! It's not hate, it's just dislike. I feel that hate is a strong feeling and word and it's not appropriate to 'hate' someone if you don't really know them that well, right? So, I met few people I dislike coz I don't know them that well. But considering that m all super active and somehow 'super-way-too-nice' today, they just simply can't spoil my mood...

So, basically today...m happy and m good....'super-way-too-nice' too...hahaha which rarely come by...


TV Marathon

I'm trying very hard to finish all the episodes of all my favourite TV series. Currently, m watching episode 20 of the Grey's Anatomy and hopefully I can finish it by tonight. That will left me with CSI: Las Vegas, Bones, House and Heroes....erkkkzzzz....Banyaknya....and that doesn't include with the dvd movies that I kept on buying and never have the chance to watch. My mum kept on grumbling that my cabinet is not filled with books, dvds and cds. About my books, my parents didn't say anything because they simply know my passion for books but for dvds and cds, both my parents still couldn't get it and somehow m trying very very hard to prove it to them that I watch and listen to all those (really!) But my parents said that m just wasting my money on those things and whenever I go and watch movie, they also said the same thing unless I bring them along, then they will just keep quiet..hehehe....

Wonders of The World

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
On the last Brunei Book Fair, I bought this hardcover book titled '1001 Natural Wonders You Must See Before You Die' by Michael Bright. And few months later, I only managed to read a quarter of the 950 pages. The thing is that, the book is filled with all the wonders of the world that every time m turning the page, I said to myself, 'I want to go here.....and here.....and here' and by the time I realised it, I already like have 50 different places to go....which is quiet impossible for me to go. Why? Simply because I have commitment to my work and family and besides going to these places required money....a lot of it and well.....what can I say?

Anyway, while I was in KL, on my way queing for the cashier, I saw this book 'Rough Guide 25 Ultimate Experiences Wonders of the World - Make the most of your time on Earth'. So, on an impulse I took it and next thing I know, m paying for it. And that ladies and gentelmen is an example of impulse purchase....

OK! Back to the book. I finished reading the Rough Guide edition in a night and well, I think 25 wonders are more acceptable to visit than the 1001 natural wonders.

The 25 wonders (some are natural while some are ancient architectural) of the world (according to the Rough Guide) includes:
1. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia - a vast expense of salt flats
2. Uluru (Ayer's Rock), Australia
3. The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
4. The Amazon, South America
5. Cappadocia, Turkey - Lands of the fairy chimneys
6. The Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
7. Petra, Jordan
8. Macchu Picchu, The Andes
9. The Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain
10. The Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina
11. The Sistine Chapel, Vatican City
12. The Himalayas, Nepal
13. Angkor Wat, Siem Reap
14, Venice, Austria
15. The Sahara, Africa
16. The Greta Wall, China
17. VIctoria Falls, Zimbabwe
18. Belize's Barrier Reef, The Caribbean
19. Taj Mahal, India
20. Maya Runis, Mexico and Guatemala
21. The Giants of Rapa Nui, Easter Island, South Pacific
22. The Grand Mosque of Djenne, Mali
23. Las Vegas (seriously?!), USA
24. The Forbidden City, China
25. Itaipu, Paraguay and Brazil - World's largest dam

Well now, m not being biased or anything but I think The Ka'abah in Mecca should be included as wonders of the world.....I agree!!!! Don't you? As someone who have seen it, I have to say, it's a wonder! Considering that non-muslim are not allowed to enter the Tanah Haram, I guess no one really appreciate the magnificent Ka'abah

Majlis Pelancaran Logo 100 Tahun Kementerian Kesihatan

The launching of logo for 100 years Ministry of Health had taken place in Yayasan complex last Sunday. And for as far as I remembered, this is the first time I ever woke up around 5am just to get ready for the event.

I had my shower and everything, had a light breakfast (the most important meal of the day), warmed up my car and by 6am, I went to fetch my colleague in Beribi. We arrived in Yayasan around 6.30am and we can see some staffs and family members were already present and many more coming in. Most of the staffs wore blue (different shades of blue) and by 7am, the guest of honour, the Minister of Health came and the event was started by speech, more speech and then the aerobics started.

By 7.30am, we were out of the Yayasan compund and started our walkathon. It's been a long time I didn't go for any exercise (yup!guilty!) so the 2km walk felt like 5km walk....fewwhh! Man! I need to exercise more. Luckily for me, I didn't suffer from any muscle pains, well, except for my back from all those 'misguided' aerobics....hahaha...we were so far behind that we couldn't see the instructors very clearly that I just follow the people infront of me....

Anyway, I don't have any pictures from the event (I did bring my camera but somehow my camera 'beulah') but I will try to get some from my colleague...insyaAllah...


Monday, July 9, 2007
Tonight, I just came back from a seminar (cum dinner) in the Empire Hotel and CC sponsored by one of the drug companies in Brunei on the management of asthma. It had been a while I didn't attend any seminars mainly because I don't have any time for any of it. I came tonight mainly because asthma is one of the common disease for Bruneians and its knowledgable; and thinking that lately I'm quiet behind in these seminar stuffs, so I thought, I better attend considering that basically I got nothing to do (pity me huh!). But once I arrived there, met few colleagues and the talk started as soon as that. The speaker managed to lay some interesting facts on how to manage asthma and there are lots of tests being done on the better asthma management. In my line of duty, I realised that lots of Bruneians are suffering from asthma, some are severe asthmatic patients while some are 'seasonal'.

After the talk, as always, we were treated with dinner. I think my last dinner (or was it lunch?) in Empire was like 5-6 weeks ago and truth to be told, nothing special about their foods. I don't know about other but for me (and my opinion alone), it was okay....but what I love about Empire (apart from the hotel and the view itself) is definitly the pastries. I love all those sweet things!! I know it's bad for health especially to my glucose levels but somehow I just can't resist Empire's pastries....I can resist any other things (as a figure of speech! LOL!) but I can't resisit this one thing! While the rest of the people que-ing up for the main course, I will be que-ing up for the desserts...always!

Tonight, I manage to get a plateful of assorted chocolate cakes (I didn't bother to check the names), as long as they look nice...nice to eat..hehe. I took my own sweet times eating my pastries while my other colleagues busy digging into their dinners. One thinf about Empire's pastries, they are so soft and hmm....the taste, wow! I can just still taste it in my mouth....
Man! I need to check my sugar level tomorrow morning (sigh!) Luckily, we have a glucometer at home....

Chiow...night night.....

A Century of Ministry of Health

As one of the thousands citizen of Ministry of Health, I have to say that I'm quiet proud to be around for the 100th birthday of the ministry. I mean, a century aka 100 years old...how many people can live that long? I don't think I want to live that long either....too much suffering and too much sins..the longer you live, somehow the more sins you have. I know that you should be grateful if Allah SWT give you long life but that must be a lonely life...

Anyway, lets not talk about lives here. It's the century of ministry of health and doa kesyukuran dan sembahyang bejemaah last thursday was the start of long activities ahead for the grand celebration. This sunday, MOH is having a walkathon starting fr the Yayasan complex. Anyone interested to join, I think it will be acceptable. The more the merrier...hehehe..It starts around 6.45am (yea! I know it's sunday but hey! 'walk for life' - that's the motto for World's Aids this year) and hopefully the weather permits, insyaAllah...

Any MOH colleagues, I see you guys there.....

Kelantan Delights

I don't have the chance to visit Kelantan yet so me and my best mate decided to get a taste of Kelantan while we were in KL. Me and my mate stopped by at this Kelantan Delights in Suria KLCC and I ordered a Tom Yam Mee while DD ordered the Nasi Dagang Ayam Percik.

I know how spicy tom yam is but I never, in my life to expect it to be so spicy. As the waiter placed my tom yam mee infront of me, I already can smell the spicy aroma and believe it or not, I couldn't wait to dig in. My 1st spoonful, I taste nothing but the rich taste of tom yam soup. The 2nd spoonful, I taste the hint of spices and my 3rd spoonful, I can taste the complete combination of spices and man! it was so hot and spicy. It was so spicy that soon after my 3rd spoon, I only ate the mee and leave the soup behind. I drank 2 bottles of mineral water (plus my bandung juice!) and that's it...I was sweating (believe it or not!) and my face turned red...

I dunno how I'm gonna survive if I ever decide to go to Kelantan one of these days (I know I'm exaggerating but still.....). Well, nevermind, at least they have lots of KFCs around..hehe

Hectic Vincci

And my shopping spree tale continues....

If I'm not mistaken, there are only 2 vincci shops here in Brunei and as far as I can remember, everytime I came across these 2 Vincci shops, they were either no customers or less customers around. This situations are far different from the Vincci shops in the busy city of Kuala Lumpur.
While I was in Suria KLCC, it was around 3-4pm (I lost track of the time) and when we stopped by the Vincci shop, it was so crowded that me and my mate couldn't get into the shop...seriously!
I'm not kidding!! The sensible males just stand near the doorway while waiting for their wives/daughters/girlfriends to choose and buy. And once we managed to get in, it's either all the shoes left behind are someone's, it's not our sizes and the fashions are outdated. As it was so difficult for us to manoeuvre around, we didn't managed to go to the back and serach more. We give up and get out of that place...Only now I know the meaning of the phrase, "sampai berhindik hidung", my dad always use whenever it was so damned hectic..and trust me, that situation is considered that hectic. People are busy trying to fit their shoes that some other people just passed by and 'hit' you somwhere....

It's the same situation in Vincci Sungei Wang Plaza. We went there soon after we dumped our stuffs in the hotel. But this time, me and my best buddy braved through the crowds and managed to come back to the hotel with 2 pairs of shoes/sandals each...yeah! Mission accomplised! The next day, we went shopping to Sogo shopping complex and guess what, the Vincci there was so quiet...way too quiet, no customers around, not a single one. Me and my best buddy couldn't believe it. I checked my watch, it was 10.30am! So, apa lagi, me and DD took our own sweet times trying sandals after sandals and I couldn't help but to buy another pair....what to say? I'm a lady afterall...hehehe....I guess I should shop more in Vincci here in Brunei. At least I won't be 'behindik hidung' with anyone else...

Shopping Spree

My 4 days shopping spree vacation came and gone and here I am, back in my comfy room, typing on my laptop, trying very hard on updating my blog..hehe! No...it's not a burden or anything (duh!) haha!

Me and my best buddy went to the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur - the sole purpose of shopping (hey! What do you expect?). Hari Raya coming up and I need to buy some 'necessities' for the upcoming Raya, not that I have any big plan for Raya or anything but......we, women don't have to have any excuse for shopping, do we?

It's the Malaysia Mega Sales throughout Malaysia so we make the most out of it. Our flight out of Brunei was a bit delayed (waiting for people transit and it was raining heavily) so we touched down in KLIA late in the night, around 11.30pm and with this and that, we finally arrived in the hotel around 1.30am! Managed to get few hours sleep and when the sun rises, we were up and ready for breakfast. And soon after breakfast, we hit the road and the shops! Malaysian shops only open around 10am but we were so ready to splurge that we hit the road early to avoid the terrible traffic jam.

Our first stop is the Berjaya Times Square. It was not open yet so we stop by the Starbuck and had coffee and L'Opera cake (I always had a thing for sweet thing) and it was so yummy...nyum nyum. We hit the shops soon after that, door by door, fllor by floor.It had been a long times didn't do any exercise or excessive walking that both my leg hurts by the time we finished 'touring' all the shops. My expensive stop had to be the Borders. I spent like B$300 in that shop alone buying books, books and magz! Yea! I love books, I'm not ashamed to admit that.

The only time we stop surfing the shops and came back to the hotel was when we got so much to carry and couldn't afford to carry more. We unloaded all the stuffs back in the hotel and hit the shops again.Next stop, Suria KLCC. I know I just spent so much in Borders but I couldn't help myself and stop by in Kinokuniya...man! don't I just love shopping for books. I can spent whole day and night in a bookshop alone! And as predicted, I came out of Suria KLCC with a Kinokuniya paperbag in one hand and plasticfull Mark and Spencer's chocolates, biscuits and lotions in another.

3 days there, I spent so much - that when I think abt it, does it really worth it?! I also lost count on how many times I had use my credit cards (ish ish ish). Of course it gave me the satisfaction, I really need the retail therapy after what had been going on with stuffs and works. Money gone, satisfaction guarantee! Haha...what a crazy motto! And ladies and gentelmen, that's what we call shopping! Hahaha!


Friday, July 6, 2007
What a lousy blogger I am. I know excuses won't work in my case. 2 months didn 't update my blog but really, I didn't do it on purpose. I simply forgot my password!!! I know! It's so unbelievable...but hey, no worries, I got a new passie, so after this I will try to update it....