Dilemma of a 8 years old car!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Note: This is not the real picture of my car but the colour is the same and instead of that sports rim, mine is a lot more nicer LOL! But I think you got the idea.

My beloved boyfriend aka my car celebrated his birthday this 6th June. It would be his 8th year with me. It's the time of the year where I have to buy the car insurance and road tax but this year, 1 additional task.

For every cars that managed to reach their 8th years, the owner has to bring him/her to the Land Transport for the car inspection to ensure the safety and reliability of the car on road. The hassle thing about car inspection is that:

1. you have to q-up very very early or you would end up waiting in the line under the hot sun (eventhough you are in the comfort of our car still the outside is hot!)

2. your car must pass the inspection before you can go and buy the road tax.

3. if your car fail, you have to fix whatever is wrong with your car, q-up (again!) for another inspection and pay double of the amount of the inspection (which is quiet cheap here in Brunei) and hopefully your car pass after that.

My boyfriend aka my boyfriend that is (if you still haven't got the hint), well, basically he is okay. There is nothing wrong with him - after so many complains and all - let's just say that he's been behaving nice lately.

But the problem came with his rugged look (LOL!). Rules of Brunei's Land Transport, no modified and bodykit car unless it is stated in your car's bluecard. Luckily for me, my sport rims are stated in the bluecard but not the tinted front screen, not the shades (all sides of shades) and definitly not my plate number.

So, can you imagine what I gotta do to get rid of all those before the inspection? A lot, I gotta say. And while doing it, I was saying to myself, why did I do all these stuffs to my car? Well, the answer is simple... coz I love my car so much that I wanna him to look nice ;)

Anyway, I managed to ask my eldest brother, Wadi to bring my car for the inspection and he loves his sister so much, he doesn't mind doing it ;)

At first, my brother said that the inspector couldn't find anything wrong with my car until he inspected my tyres. Turn out, my tyres are an inch wider than the 1 stated in the bluecard. But thank God, my brother managed to settle that problem. Thanx bro!

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