My Long-lost Passion!

Sunday, June 20, 2010
Almost 10 years ago, I had (have) a passion for the royalty. May it be Bruneian royalty, Malaysian royalty, European royalty or the Arab royalty. You name it, I knew them all... well, I learnt them all.

My favourite princes would be Prince Felipe of Spain and Prince Ali of Jordan.
When Prince Ali got married to Princess Rym Ali in April 2004, I was 'heartbroken' LOL!

Source: http://www.royaltyinthenews.com/

And when soon after that Prince Felipe got married to Princess Letizia in May 2004, I was even more 'heartbroken' and that made me 'lost' interest in the royalty.

Source: http://royalweddings.hellomagazine.com/princess-victoria-and-daniel-westling/

You see how 'devastated' I was losing 2 princes in a short space of time... LOL!!

Now, Crown Princess Victoria's marriage to (Prince) Daniel Westling brought up back the memories of my love for the royalty. Oh! I'm not gonna post all those details about their wedding here. I found a site who did -
Royalty in the News. This site keeps me updated with what I had been missing so far ;)

My favourite princess would be Princess Madeleine of Sweden. Sad to know that she broke off her engagement earlier this year (yeah! I'm so outdated! LOL)

My favourite royal couple, King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan

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