Who says men don't gossip?

Friday, June 4, 2010

And yes! Men do gossip.

I'm not just talking about gay men here (no offence!) but I'm talking about straight men. And if you (straight men out there) saying that you don't gossip, gosh, you must be a hypocrites!

And how do I know these?

I often hangouts with some of my male friends; may it be colleagues, old male friends and new male friends. You put yourself among 2 - 3 adult males, they sure will talk. You would be amazed on how much these men can 'talk' (as they like to call it) about so many things and about so many people.

And I have to say, sitting down and hanging out with the male friends is the new way of getting informations... LOL!

2 knock knock:

Pooch Morning Glory said...

haha you re funny. and lucky to hang out with many men at the same time!

iantie said...

laura, you would not believe if i say that i got more male friends than the female. LOL!

but they are great to hang out with ;)