Footie Fever!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Yup! The FIFA World Cup is back!

I used to be a BIG footie fan... in short simple words, I used to be like a boy. I watched football matches, I screamed, I cheered, I bought the magazines, I listened and watched the updates and highlights and I ever bought my favourite teams jerseys...

But that was years and years back. Now, I'm just a footie fan... no longer the big fanatic footie fan and I only watched football matches every 4 years... LOL! Seriously, I only watched the world cup... every other cups, I just wait for the results but not the world cup..

My team?? Or shall I say teams?? I'm still sticking with Italy, my favourite 1. I was wide awake, watched them lifted the ultimate prize 4 years ago beating the Germans and this year, I'm not gonna miss anything by my favourite team.

My prediction? Hmmm... it's gonna be tough and it's still early in the competition. At the moment, I'm supporting Italy (obviously!), the Netherlands (who are currently playing against the Danes), and Germany.

We'll see how it progresses out ;)

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