Uncle Yun Onn and Aunty Mei Chun Wedding Reception - 30th May 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Last Saturday afternoon, me and my family went back to Temburong for my uncle's wedding reception. Well, the reception was being held on Sunday but considering that we had a big family dinner, so we decided to come back early.

And considering that last Sunday and Monday were public holidays here in Brunei, man, the q was so-freaking-longgggg! The 2 hours journey (max) from Bandar to Temburong took us double of that time due to long q-es everywhere!

I was not feeling that well, with sorethroat, headaches and runny nose and with 4 hours sitting in a car didn't help that much. We ended up late for the family dinner but luckily they put aside soo many leftovers for us that I slept like a babe thru' the night.

Woke up early in the morning, had my shower and got ready for the wedding reception which was being held in the Belalong Hall, Bangar.

Here are some pictures from the reception.

The entrance of the hall

I don't know why everyone so serious and formal....

The only picture of the bride and groom that my brother didn't spoil! LOL!

Me, my cousin and my nephew

The newly wed with parents from both families

My multi-religion and multi-race family from my mum's side

First, there are only 2 of us....

....then there are 3 of us....

.... then there are 5 of us....

....and at last, 7 of us and if including my dad (in the background)
that would be 8!

Another reception would be held here in Bandar this coming Saturday night.

Note: to view the picture clearer and larger, click on the image... thank you ;)

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