Frustrating Wednesday Morning

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This morning, I got the unfortunate luck 'meeting' an idiot and a very stupid person on the road. Yup, here I go again, blaming people for driving stupidly.

Around Beribi religious school area, just before the round about, I was driving in the right lane (coz I'm kindda late) and this Honda Stream was infront of me. The distance between him (the Honda Stream) and the car infront of him was like - what (I'm not good with adjusting meters and foot) - can fit 5 cars if the stretch of road is a parking area. Why I called him idiot for 2 reasons:

1. he's slow and he's taking the right lane
2. he accelerates and he brakes - EVERYTIME!! Accelerates a bit, brakes a bit; accelerates some more, brakes some more!

How idiotic that man is and no, he's not old! Maybe late 30ies! But by God, it frustrated the heck out of me! But I managed to 'lose' him somewhere after the roundabout!

Then, just after the big roundabout in Kiulap (yea! I know, Brunei so many roundabouts!), just after the SKH Kiulap and before the traffic light, I was driving on the left lane mainly because the right lane is no longer the faster lane! Everyone was driving at a turtle pace (now you know how frustrated I am!).

On the left lane, I saw a white Nissan Sunny (old and slow) infront of me so I kept my distance. Exactly on the traffic light, this stupid driver (not very stupid at that time yet!) braked immediately and made a signal to the right! Brake immediately!! and I have to brake immediately too! Luckily there is no car behind me or I can imagine what would happen!

Anyway, this stupid driver changed his/her (the driver was wearing a baseball cap so couldn't be sure the gender but looks like female) mind and didn't go to the right lane eventhought the driver got the opportunity. Then as we were nearing the traffic light going to Kiulap area, this driver AGAIN signaled intenting going to the right lane and when he/she did, I tried to pass him/her and you know what happened?? This VERY VERY VERY STUPID driver immediately changed his/her stupid mind again and wanted to go back into the left lane and nearly hit my car. I honked this person! I don't car no more! He/she nearly caused an accident with me!

When the stupid driver managed to get into the right lane, 2 cars behind me, I saw he/she signalled, indicating going into Kiulap area. The traffic light was red at that time and I was waiting, with vengence for this person but he/she just passed me by so fast - maybe due to guilt or without guilt at all!

Excuse me for using the word stupid repeatedly in this post but trust me, stupid is considered the 'kinder' word compared to the words I had in mind!

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