When Cutting Down on Food Is Not An Option, Exercise is the Answer!

Sunday, June 27, 2010
I love to eat! Previously, I can eat anything and never (seriously!) ever gain any weights.

But now, all my clothes don't fit me, all the pants are tight and the horrible part, I feel f-a-t! Yes! Now I have low self-confidence of myself ;(

I know I shouldn't feel bad coz honestly it ain't that bad. I mean, there are a lot more 'larger' people out there compared to me but I just feel 'unhealthy' with my current weight and all those excess fats especially around the tummy and the thighs.

I tried to watch what I eat and I tried to cut down on my food intake but it doesn't work.. I mean, the 'watch what I eat' is kindda a lie coz I don't watch what I eat, I eat everything my heart desires BUT I do cut down my food intake ;)

And in the end, I realized that I can't stop eating and the only way I can cut down my weight and all those 'babylicious' fats is by exercise!

Gosh! It had been ages since my last hike and my aim is to get back on it or I would end up wearing baggy clothes for the upcoming Eid. LOL!

So this afternoon, me and 3 of my brothers went for a mini game of football (soccer). I know how to play soccer?? Hah! You would be suprised what growing up with 5 brothers can effect your life. Yes! I do know how to play football...ain't that good but I managed to score some goals.. haha! but with the price of the bruises on my legs (due to being kicked by my brother and due to fall on the grass!)

Although I had bruises on my legs, I gotta say, the game was worth it! We had a lot of fun and a lot of screaming but most importantly I managed to lose some sweats but I need to exercise on my breathing more.

Till the next game, brothers!

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Pooch Morning Glory said...

bravo! keep doing anything.... it will work
i walked 3km this morning and ran 2

iantie said...

wow laura! you are good! I mean, seriously!

Nowdays I don't have time for exercising except for weekend. Makes me ashamed of myself ;(

Pooch Morning Glory said...

honey, anything you do is good, AND you are still young.
i really need to keep up seriously.
i did walk at least 4 km this morning and ran approx 3. getting better :)
have a great day

iantie said...

well, still i gotta say, you are more active than younger people like me..hehe.

i can jog but i can't run. but m expert in hiking ;) i will get back to my hiking activities soon.

u have a great day ;)