3 Idiots

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

3 Idiots would be the third Hindi movies I watched this year - so far - after Love Aaj Kal and My Name is Khan.

I'm not a big fan of Hindi movies but for this movie, I definitly loveeee it!

It was hilarious (initially) but then as the movie goes, I couldn't help but to cry! And yes, I think I cry at every Hindi movies! That's the 'power' of Hindi movies.

What made this movie in my top list?

1. It has less singing =)
2. It is a good movie - with humors
3. This is the first movie (as far as I remember) that tell a story of friendship between men. Friendships between women are so common.
4. It shows that not all idiot people are idiots (well, except the idiot in my previous entry)

But overall, this is one heck a great movie. I don't mind sitting down infront of the telly for the next 3 hours to watch this movie again and again ;)

To read the full synopsis, feel free to click here

3 knock knock:

Didz-W said...

Seriously m8..again & again? wow..u really have a strong heart to watch that movie. Anyway, I love the place where they filmed the movie. It's drop dead gorgeous!

Pooch Morning Glory said...

thanks for the review. if i see it here, i will rent it.
have you seen I Love You Man? its hilarious and about men friends too. get it if you can.

iantie said...

m8- yup! i can watch it again and again.. infact i just watched it last night... again! hehe! i think this movie is a good stress-relieve movie..

laura - I haven't manage to find I Love You Man but I will definitly look for it..
thanx for the recommendation ;)