Off to....LA

Monday, June 7, 2010
No... I didn't go to LA as in Los Angeles - couldn't afford to go there.. not yet anyway ;)

Today, me and my BFF along with our colleague and her 3 children went for a day trip to the neigbouring country, Labuan. It's an island actually just off Brunei and Kota Kinabalu and it belongs to Malaysia.

Went there aboard Seri Anna (the vessel/ship - whatever you want to call it) and the journey takes 1 hour 40 minutes one way.

Here are some pictures from today's trip...

the vessel - Seri Anna

aboard Seri Anna - the view of the sea

aboard Seri Anna - the view of the Serasa Ferry Terminal

view of Muara Port

passing the Royal Brunei Navy ships

in the open sea, this HUGE cargo ship passed by

the view of the chimney from inside

It was my second trip to Labuan and I gotta say nothing much has changed since December 2006. The trip was tiring and the weather was so hot and as my BFF said, it's the first time she sweat like a pig! LOL!

Nevertheless, it was a fun day out and grateful thanx to my BFF for the trip day ;)

4 knock knock:

Pooch Morning Glory said...

awesome.... looks like fun!!
what was the chimney from originally?

iantie said...

it was fun laura.. hot and exhausted but nothing can beat the fun ;)
the chimney? it was bulit by the people there from bricks imported all the way from the UK. it was made during the British invasion hundreds year ago...

Pooch Morning Glory said...

very cool... thx for the info :)

iantie said...

no problem ;)