Rindu Tercipta

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Title: Rindu Tercipta
Author: Liyana Zahim
No. of Pages: 504 pages
Publisher: Alaf 21 Sdn Bhd

Couldn't believe it myself but this would be the third book I managed to finish in a week, last week! Once I set my mind to finish it, I do mean it.. hehe!

Anyway, Rindu Tercipta - the first novel I read from this author. And as the 2 novels I had read before this, the storyline is more or less similar and it involved arranged marriage! Geez! What's up with arranged marriage nowdays?? *starting to freak out (for some reasons that can't be stated here)*

But the tiny bit difference in Rindu Tercipta is that it's about sacrifices. Anis who became orphan after the death of her mother had been adopted by her best friend, Qistina's parents. Living with Qistina's family, Anis get to know Hykal, Qistina's brother.

To make the story short, they fell in love - Anis and Hykal, got engaged. When Hykal found out that he got brain tumor, he decided not to let Anis and his family found out to spare them from the suffering; disappeared and broke off his engagement. No one knows where Hykal is except for Zerril, his best friend/childhood friend. As his last request, Hykal asked Zerril to marry Anis, to make her happy and forget about the hurt he (Hykal) had caused Anis.

Anis refused, saying that she would wait for Hykal but fate bought she and Zerril together as husband and wife. Their marriage (as any arranged marriage should start) was not happy but when Anis started to learn to love Zerril, she found out that Zerril had 'hide' Hykal all these times...

What happened to Anis and Zerril? Anis and Hykal? Hykal and his family??

Well... I read it in a day so I'm sure whoever of you out there who wanna know the ending are willing to read it and experience it yourself. In other word, go and buy or borrow the book LOL!

Out of 10 stars, I would give it 7! Not bad for a first novel from the author.

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