I Am Go For Launch!

Thursday, June 17, 2010
NASA is gonna launch the last 2 remaining space shuttle mission and you can put your face in space with one of the two missions.

I heard it in the radio today and me, always been interested in space (and have no millions to spent to enroll in the space tourist program), so I said to myself, I better check this out!

If you haven't guess it already, I'm participating. I already choose shuttle STS-134 - the last shuttle to be launched in November 2010.

I still don't know how this gonna work but the way I understand it is that NASA will put my picture on one of the shuttle. Do they paste my picture on the shuttle? I have no idea but nothing can stop me from participating.

To get more information on the Face in Space program and if you are interested (like I'm fanatic about it), you can read the term and conditions at this site - Face in Space

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