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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


It's been a week I didn't update my blog and believe it or not, it had been a week I didn't check my mail.

The reason? Well, the server was down at work hence no free internet surfing at work. And my broadband? You would not believe what a hassle I had been thru by the small broadband.

My broadband line had been deactivated. Reason for deactivation? I didn't charge it so they disconnect my line. I was 2 hours late for the reactivation that they decided I don't need the line no more. They gave me 2 options; ask the owner to reactivate the line for me or buy a new line.

Option 1: This broadband was a gift from an ex-boyfriend who got it from his (ex)girlfriend, I think. If you can figure this out, you would know how complicated it would be to ask my ex-boyfriend to ask his whatever-girlfriend to reactivate the line for me... so...

Option 2: I go for this option! I went to b.mobile, register a new line (with unlimited access!) I LIKE!! Hehe!

So, no worries... I would be blogging as usual ;)

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