Exhausted, Full but Suprisingly still hungry... *eh?!*

Saturday, June 5, 2010
Tonight was my Uncle Yun Onn's another wedding dinner reception here in Bandar and it's almost to midnight and we just came home.

After a whole day debating what to wear, I finally wore what I wore (haha! which was the unusual me!). Btw, there will be no pictures posted from tonight's event considering that my camera battery gave up on me even before the function started. Well, blame me for not charging it...hehe.

The dinner started at 7.45pm and believe it or not, it was a 10-course dinner. By the 3rd course, I think it was the fried rice, I was kindda full but nothing can stop me from enjoying and taking more of the food (I love to eat!!).

I managed to sit thru' all the 10 courses and I am pretty sure I am full. But when I came home, I feel hungry again or is it just the desire to eat something before sleep?

I have sweet tooth and above is my (almost) midnight snack. The cake is from my Uncle's wedding reception, the donut was from lunch and the hot chocolate drink, I cannot live without ;)

And oh ya! Did I ever mentioned that Brunei is small?? I met 3 of my high school mates tonight that I haven't meet in *calculating mode* 13 years! Yup! 2 of them are just casual school mates but one of them is considered my best friend during the high school years and somehow, it doesn't feel that way no more. We are basically like 2 people who happen to know each other. Anyway, no use to crack my head for those problems. I live my life accordingly.

Congratulations to my Uncle Chong Yun Onn and Aunty Ng Mei Chun!
May both of you have a wonderful, meaningful live together ;)

Night night peeps!

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Pooch Morning Glory said...

you are funny.

iantie said...

thanx laura ;)