ALIAS will be back??

Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Fans of ALIAS, please rise your hands! *both of my hands are waving in the air*

Okay! Before I confused anyone with what I'm talking about, my topic here and this ALIAS I mentioned is the TV series back in the 2001. I'm a HUGE fan of that series starring Jennifer Gardner and Michael Vartan *he's adorable*!

The series ran for 5 seasons and stopped in 2005 and believe it or not, I got copies of all the seasons. Told you I'm a huge fan!

Anyway, why I brought this up? E! News has it they are coming back! YAY! Eventhough it's not a sure thing yet but rumors has it that they had start filming ALIAS 2.0! If this is sooo true, I be sure don't want to miss it!

At least with Scrubs no longer airing, I have ALIAS to look forward to this September! I hope they are still keeping the old casts. It's been a long time I didn't see Michael Vartan. Last time I saw him was in Monster-in-Law with Jennifer Lopez!

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